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Feb 20, 2017
Hi guys,
Relatively new here and looking for advice/tips.
Here's my story so far:
My wife and I have been together for 7 years and she is absoulute freak in bed. Hi all,
Have been trying to convince my shy wife for a few months that we should try a cuckold, I think she is slowly warming up to the idea but I am very nervous as she is unbelievable in the bedroom and I'm worried if someone else fucks her they will become obsessed with her. It has been a fantasy of mine to let my best friend fuck her and I have been slowly dropping hints that he wanted to fuck her and she seemed a little interested. Still abit worried that I might get jealous if anything actually did eventuate.

We have had a little bit of progress since as my wife,best friend and I went out for a few drinks about a month ago and we all ended back at our house and my best friend was pretty drunk and started caressing my wife's tits and both of them looked at me as if for permission which I gave but they both looked nervous and my friend passed out not long after that. The next morning we all acted like nothing happened

my wife and best friend organised to go to concert together I was so nervous. The concert was on her birthday and was a Saturday night so they were both drinking alcohol.

Before it My best friend messaged me and said that he is gonna fuck her for sure straight after the concert and that he knows that I will be angry. I told my wife this and she was playing it up saying that 'I can't wait for this' and that ' as if he will do anything'.

She was stiring me about going to the concert with my best friend saying stuff like 'we are going to fuck for sure after the concert' 'I'm gonna have to make sure this sex is awesome' she also said it is going to be real intense. I'm not sure what to think at the moment as I think she is just joking as I make out that I don't want anything to happen and this seems to get her to talk about it more (which I love). Also during sex she said stuff about the concert and she seems to get more excited!!

I was in the shower the other morning and my wife was abit angry at me and she was saying 'I swear to god I'm going to fuck Kevin (best friend) and that she was going to jump on top of him and ride the fuck out of him trying to get a reaction out of me, the only reaction it got was it made me get hard and she started to notice and she started to ask why I was getting hard and I just said I had it most of the morning but I think deep down she knew.

Paul & Ben

Feb 1, 2017
Hi Paula Here , Nothing to worry about my hubby was the same when we first started Most BBC just want to Fuck and pleasure the woman that's the reason they like fucking married woman so stop worrying and your wife just wants to have some fun a girl has her needs to you know and the idea of another mans cock in our pussy is a turn on if we are in control , if you both are not getting any pleasure out off it do not do it talk to each other and explorer each others bodies and get to know what turns them on and excite them
I have fucked several guys both in front and with out my husband and yes for sure i have found someone who can push all my buttons and fucking them is nothing but pure joy and pleasure but i know i can fuck him any time and still have a loving relationship with my husband

But Notoriousbbc can have my pussy any time he wants it ! Now honestly which girl do you know who would not like to feel his cock inside them001.JPG 002.jpg 0014.jpg 0027.jpg 0028.jpg 0037.JPG 0039.jpg paul notoriousbbc.jpg paul notoriousbbc-06.jpg paul notoriousbbc-07.jpg paul notoriousbbc-08.jpg paul notoriousbbc-010.jpg
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