My Neighbor Wanted to Borrow Some Sugar

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    Answering the doorbell, I swung the door open to see her standing there in a robe and fuzzy slippers, holding a coffee cup with both hands. I said, 'Sugar? - How much are we talking about here?' She smiled and replied, 'I don't know, just about a cup I suppose will do fine.' I motioned her to come on in while telling her, 'Hey, no problem if you could use more. Me and the wife have been married going on 15 years now, so, heck - we never use the stuff.' She seemed a bit confused about me leading down the hall, away from the kitchen. I waved her over, 'Come on - I want to show ya something.' Soon as she got thru the door of the spare bed room I leaned her down on to the bed in a playful way and began to pull her robe off. She hesitated, at first -up until the point where my head went between her knees. She peeled off the rest of her robe and as she did I reached to the nightstand drawer to whip out an old rubber dong I had stashed there for such ocassion. Her eyes opened wide - then her pussy, then her ever-loving ass hole. Except for taking a few photos I hit her hard and fast, not knowing exactly when my wife was going to be back. She left with only a few teaspoons of sugar. I told her she'd have to come back if she needed more. As I shut the door behind her, she turned her head back with a smile and said, 'Thanks!'

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