Dec 16, 2021
My story begins at puberty. I had more female than male body without a single hair other than the pubic. Pronounced buttocks and small penis. By the end of puberty, the penis grew at the "incredible" 3.8 inches and 1 inch in a diary. My performance was at that level for about one minute. Record was 2 minutes.

I lost my innocence only in 20th, because I was ashamed of my penis. Is this an erection? My first asked me. Yes, I said. I feel more my fingerer when I push than your dick.

There was laughing other girls. I learned to lick pussy fantastic. Your dick is very bad, but your tongue was great was a common remark for girls. I married in 24 with a 12 year older dominant woman. I licked her pussy all the time and used sometimes dildo instead of penis.

After two years of marriage, she started sleeping with Blacks. Soon in my bed, she entered a black man and I got a separate room. I listened to my wife how screaming while he was fuck her.

A month later, they both told me that the three of us would be best for my feminizations and sissification. The woman endocrinologist who examined me told me. Your body is semi-female. You don't have any hair, chin hair, a little penis. Hormones will develop you nicely.

Five months on estrogen and I started to suck bull's cock. He wanted to fuck me, but I wasn't ready for that. 7 months later I had the first sex with a bull. It was also my loss of virginity.

One year from the beginning of my first sucking, I tried with silicone penis and a bull’s cock to learn the technique of deep throat and failed despite encouraging from wife and her bull. Then I operated on the tonsils, after healing, only after two weeks, I managed to push the silicone dildo of 8 inches all the way into my throat. I try with bull cock and soon I pushed him to the balls into my throat. He was very surprised, but he soon started fucking my mouth and put all his cum in me.

Three-year feminizations results:

1. I got deposits on hips and buttocks. Womanly look.

2. Areols and nipples wed increased. Breasts are almost B Cup

3. Lashes are longer and women's

4. The penis is from 2.5 inch limp now 1.3 inch limp and cannot be in an erection. The balls are from walnut size, reduced to almond size. They're smelling feminine

5. The skin is thinner and softer, smells feminine.

6. Men's libido is zero. I have no desire to fuck or masturbate. I have a partial "female libido". When I see a penis I want to suck it or put it in me.

Tomorrow wife and I are going together to breast augmentation and to increase the lipst, she will get the DD tits and I D tits. She must always have bigger tits.