My story

Mar 19, 2013
I am a 38 old French cuck living in Belgium. I indicated that my wife is doing whatever that guy wants and that this powerful man humiliates me (with the perverse argument to reveal the inner truth of the wifes and couples he dominates).
I must confess that my wife has a tendency to follows the "dominant men" she cross the way off. When she started lessons of Chinese, her teacher became her lover and after a surprinsingly short period I was licking her during all the lessons, then the teacher's wife while my wife was giving her French courses. At the end, the teacher was expecting both of us to be used according to his will.
She also got adventures with some artists, and pretending they were genius, I had to keep them at home while she was sleeping with them in our room. I had not to "clean" them, but she mentioned all the time in front of them that I was cleaning her after they left.. Well that the type of things she likes and I must agree with her that I got what I deserve.
Jul 8, 2016
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