My wife's youngest guy was 19 and one of her first


Apr 13, 2019
It all began just over five years ago when I l learned that, without my knowledge, my wife had for three months been fucking a coworker at the bank where she works. I knew at that moment that once she crossed that line that it would be very difficult to stop when other opportunities were presented to her. After talking about it with me, she had to agree. Their passion each time was intense. She broke up with him but knew that her need for another's cock would be overwhelming.

We placed an ad at a married-but-dating website. The first she consented to meet was a 42-year-old divorced man who lived out of town but drove the distance to our home. He stayed overnight and I watched for the first few minutes as he was fucking her in our bed, then slept on the couch until they awoke me the next morning as he was leaving. That was a one-night thing because of the distance he lived from our home.

We didn’t need to leave her ad online for long because of the many responses. Her ad described her as 5’11”, 27, with brownish blond hair and a super figure. Her accompanying pic didn’t include her face but showed her killer body and long legs. She added in capital letters, “My husband approves and may watch.” Over the past two and a half years, she has met the other men in her life at various places by chance. Sometimes she admits she dates with her husband’s permission and I usually watch those encounters.

But her most unique hot-wife experience was the second response to her online ad. He had just turned 19 and attended the college four miles from our home. She agreed to meet him although his emailed message was very different from anything either of us had expected.

My wife still keeps a printed copy of his message in a photo book. He included a pic of a slim, smoothly shaven body. He was two days into his 19th birthday but the message read, “I’m 18 and lack experience with women. That may be too young for you, but I really want an older woman to teach me how to talk with women and how to go about getting to sex. At 5’7”, I’m four inches shorter than you, but hope you find me to be a good looking guy. I have dark brown hair. I don’t like admitting I’m a virgin but I seriously want to have sex with an experienced woman. I don’t feel I know enough to experiment on my own.” The email went on for a few paragraphs, included his phone number and requested she at least meet with him.

My wife called me to look at her laptop’s message and said, “I’m going to answer this. I’d really like to help him. It’s gotta be tough for a guy that age with raging hormones.” She laughed and said, “I haven’t before thought of myself as an ‘older’ woman, but I guess some that age thinks so. I like that.” They set up a meeting the next night at a coffee shop across the street from his school. She found him to be a little shy but honest and likable.

He apologized for his error in saying he was 18, as if those few days made a difference. He repeated his emailed comment that he really needed “instructions.” She said that it might be a good idea for both her and her husband to guide him. At that time, he didn’t have a car, so she offered to pick him up at his place and drive him to ours on Friday evening.

On the weekend two nights later, she brought him to our place. He had an erection beneath his khaki jeans the moment they walked into the house and I didn’t see it deflate the entire time. A few months before, my wife and I had watched a rented a mom-and-son “bonding class” DVD ; to teach him as he requested, we thought it would be fun to follow those steps as best we could recall.

She introduced me to him over soft drinks and chips and asked me how he and they should begin. As she often does, she wore no underclothing, and this night she was wearing a short white skirt and a no-button white blouse that plunged to her waist. His eyes persistently glanced to the bare area between her breasts and her nipples pressing against the thin material. I was surprised to notice she seemed as nervous as our young guest. She later said that was because she knew they would soon be fucking.

I doubt I’ll ever forget what I witnessed that night.

I turned out the lights and said they should hold hands awhile and get to know each other. That didn’t last; within a minute or so, they kissed deeply, their hands exploring the other’s body. He reached into the open part of her blouse and stroked a breast.

He breathed excitedly as she unzipped his fly and drew out his cock. She smiled approvingly at his rigid six and a half inches and said, “Sometimes a girl wants to suck your cock. It’s like a kiss. Do you want me to do that?” He muttered anxiously, “Uh huh,” and she moved from the couch to her knees. Her full lips closed over his pink dickhead. Her tongue licked his dick until her mouth enveloped his stalk to its base. Her head bobbed slowly as she shed her clothes. She withdrew and helped him get naked.

I didn’t go any further with the “bonding” lessons as in the DVD, which had built up very slowly until the film’s characters were fucking. They were doing fine. But I was so charged, I unzipped and masturbated.

She lay on her back onto our carpet. His mouth covered her groin but apparently didn’t know exactly what he was expected to do. My wife guided him in whispers for his tongue to find her clitoris. Her head rolled back as his tongue then manipulated her hot spot. She moaned “Oh yeah,” and was cumming within a minute. She whimpered, “I’m so hot. I need your cock!”

His dickhead parted her pussy lips and slid fully into her. Her hips bucked in rhythm with his fucking. Although he was much younger than guys I had imagined would be fucking her, this seemed to be my dream come true. Her head thrashed side to side. Her hips rotated beneath him. His body was so slender that her long legs wrapped around him and she locked her heels at his back.

He turned her to her knees. Her hands lay on the couch and he entered her pussy from behind. She wailed, “You’re so fuckin’ great! Fuck me, honey!” He increased his tempo. His body stiffened and he said, “I’m gonna cum.” She said, “Oh yeah. Fill me my hot pussy with your sperm.” My wife had already had three orgasms.

They lay side by side on the floor. She offered him to stay the night if he wanted. He said, “That would be great.” She stood, lifted him up by his hand, and turned to me, saying, “You can sleep upstairs tonight.” She wriggled a finger for him to follow her to our bedroom and closed the door behind them.

I was up early, but they didn’t emerge from our bedroom until around 11:00 a.m. He had fucked her multiple times during the night. They were each dressed and she said she was taking him back to his apartment. He doesn’t live far away but she didn’t return until at least two hours. They had fucked again at his place.

I hadn’t anticipated that this would be a long term relationship. He now has a car and visits us often, and she occasionally stays overnight at his place. He knows she fucks other guys but once told her he feels privileged being her most "regular guy"; she replied, “That’s because I love you.” They now tell the other, “I love you,’when they’re passionately fucking. My wife says they really do love each other, in a mother-and-son way. I like that.

He had a girlfriend for a couple of months but, after breaking off their relationship, said he can’t imagine a bond with another girl that could compare to that with my wife. I said, “That’s what I think too.”

I didn’t think at the time he first emailed my wife that she would be interested in anyone that young. But she says she feels as excited as a high school girl when he’s fucking her. The downside for both is that he will graduate at the end of next year and plans to move to Seattle where a tentative job has been offered. Until then, he and my wife will be hot and heavy fuck buddies.

(FOLLOW UP: He did move away the first of this year to accept that job while continuing his final year of school.)


Dec 19, 2016
Wow, that is an awesome story, i’d love for my wife and i to continue in the lifestyle as we get older, and her to have more experiences with the “younger” guys