Need advice for my sexy wife

We have been together for 17 years, great marriage, still have sex on a regular basis, fuckin love this woman. She has had 3 other men since we started talking about this years ago. Some very sexy experiences and we still dirty talk about her fucking other guys. But it always seemed to be me trying to push her to go on a date or meet someone but when she did she usually ended up fucking them.

Later she would start getting irritated with me when id bring up the idea of trying to find someone and it turned into me feeling like I was the only one interested unless we were screwing.

She still enjoys dirty talking about fucking guys, gang bangs and gloryholes but the issue I dont want her to feel pressured and enjoy the experience so we backed off a bit and she hasnt mentioned anything about it since unless shes horny.

Is there a possibility of getting her back into it?and if so how should i go about it?