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Dec 3, 2017
Any one how has ever married a person for another country knows t is a pain in the ass trying to bring your spouse into Canada . It is also almost impossible from many places to even have then visit you , They make you wait forever before they even look at your visa request and then have the right to decide if the mirage is good in there eyes . I was born in Canada I don't need the government telling me how I can and can't chose as my spouse . I should be giving the same right as is awarded any Canadian the right to decide how the hell I want to be with . If you agree I should be able to have my wife visit me if I so wish as should all Canadians please sign are petition on line We want to meet are friends here have some fun and have are right respected If we need advice on how to live are life we will ask if not stay out of are life and respect my spouse as a person born in Canada I should have this right
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