New Guy wants to Know Am I going in the Direction

May 9, 2018
Wife and I went through all the different types of Fantasy's after 7 months we were down to 15 types of Fantasy's however Cuckholding didn't make because we as a couple Thought it was only about Small Penis Humiliation. Then on my own time I read more about this lifestyle and I realize there were different ways including Hotwifing & Watching which I found myself fantasizing about that & picturing my Sexywife being with another guy sexually and I was So fucking Turned on by it.

It has been 10 months since we first talked about which Fantasy's we both want & When I looked back on our fantasy list the top 4 that were usually there at the top throughout this whole time was FFM Threesome, Stranger Fantasy w/Me, & Romantic Tantric Sex. However She was okay with MFM threesome but it was towards the bottom, but then she watch this movie called "Savages" 2 months later after we had made the list of possibilities of our Fantasy list. What I heard next interested me, she really like the fact that the woman had 2 guys that loved her and she did both of them one was kind of rough, rough sex and the other one was like easy slow caressing loving type. So she said at that time the other guy could only penetrate her doggy style and she would like it that style.

Now when I reflect back & remember what she said about that movie Savages I started to think you know I can tell her what I found out bout how many different ways of Cuckholding I mentioned the Cuckhold MFM Threesome to make sure I convince her also and made sure I was Smooth bout it. So I read some erotic story about a Swinger couple who was going to do another Threesome which the did From Time to time this was different for the first time the husband notice something and realize his wife was enjoying it big time he thought to himself this was the first time he truly saw his wife getting into because before while they swap with other couples he would just lookover to see if his wife was okay and then do his business with the other female. I said it was about this couple doing MFM Cuckhold Threesome where husband watches from time to time and participate the rest of time. Reason is we never covered the whole Cuckholding in all perspectives and details of it. I said to her me watching her wit another guy really intrigued me and was interesting in the Threesome which I explained to her that we both would caressed and massage you at the beginning then I told her I would let the New guy start first and I said remember when we agreed that you wanted to start out with a Two-some with the Female caused I also wanted to watch you wit her and you said you want one on one with her for 30 min's then I would join in .
So when I asked her would you like the same with the MFM Threesome with the new guy and she said no how about 10-15 min's then you come in make it a 3-some, I said okay let's make it 15 min's if you decide you would like a bit longer just say baby I'm thirsty then I can u go get something to drink. Then I will know that you want the other 15 or so but when I get back make sure you motion me back in.
Oh how I secretly fantasize about how it would play out several times and hard I would get.
Now that we have finalized our top fantasies #1 FFM Threesome #2 Stranger and I convinced her that the #3 Cuckhold threesome is the best way to do it then a regular MFM Threesome because she has all the say so and how she wants it to go do and her rules.

So far it has gotten a lot better she told me my responsibility is to let the New guy know what position's she definitely wants ((which I would coach the new guy and tell him make sure you get her From behind doggy-style, & make sure you spoon her she loves that because we have only done that twice since we been together for 2½ year's, she mentioned if she feels comfortable with him she would get on top riding him or even reverse cowgirl style.
Also what kind of rules she wants to go by in the CUCKOLD Threesome. Which Are: (1.) Use Condom (2) she doesn't want our favorite 2 positions that we do Wheelbarrow & Missionary is off limits (3) No Deep Heavy Passionate Kissing (4) she wants nothing smaller than 5" but no bigger than 7". ( She's had bad Experience's wit Big Dick's & Small ones too) (5) No Anal.