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Nov 29, 2015
Hello, I am new here and wanted to introduce myself. I am Michael, 34 years old, white Italian from New York. Average build, brown hair, green eyes and am very handsome. I think like many people we doubt our looks until we have been told by many we are in fact good looking and great personality so I am confident I am attractive; I know I have a very easy-going and fun personality LOL I am no stranger to women as I have been very fortunate to have gained plenty of experience, especially beginning in my early twenties when I really came out of my shell and my confidence sky rocketed.

I tend to think of myself as more of a romantic over all, but certainly have acted on and will act on my more primal sexual urges and fantasies. I have been fortunate enough to just about fulfill all my sexual fantasies with the exception of a few I am looking forward to experiencing at some point in my life. You know, the usual, having a 3 some with 2 girls. I actually have had over the years several prospects to do so but the 3rd girl was always much, uhm, wasnt my type whatsoever, and I do not and never have lowered my standards for any reason, even in the face of a sexual drought when, as most men know, one could quite easily head out on the town and pick up a woman if we lowered our standards :) I would imagine women think much the same way since they can pretty much get any man they want.

So what brings me here? Well, even though I am officially single, I still very much hang out with and continue to have sex with my ex girlfriend, who is also my ex fiance (long story) and best friend to this day. We have always had a veracious sexual appetite, and to put it into perspective I will just say that the few girlfriends I had after her I found I "made Love" to them as oppose to "fuck them", as was/is the case with my ex. My ex and I, lets call her Mel, have always had an explosive and exploratory sexual relationship. Very much open to just about anything, including me allowing her to eat my ass out and use her dildo on me, which I only bring up because if it wasnt with her I would NEVER try it with someone else. We have explored water sports, we have done role playing and the such and have always talked about bringing in another couple to play with us, where I would also experiment with the guy. This kind of talk and fantasy was always 'in the heat of the sexual moment' and nearly always dissipated after orgasm. I am certainly not gay, and I am not attracted to men in the least bit, however I must admit when in the right sexual mood I do fantasize about blowing another guy, which I have come to believe that such a fantasy has become almost common place within many sexual free men these days, as I have witnessed such a comment on many, many other message boards from straight men.

So again, what brings me here. Well, because of Mel's and my own sexual appetite and sexual adventures, we have come to realize that we always come back to fantasizing about swapping with another couple or having me watch her get fucked repeatedly by another man. Also, 2 years ago I discovered she was cheating on me with a 'friend' of hers who happened to be male (we both had male and female friends; legitimate friends, not sexual, it just so happens one of mine turned sexual and so did one of hers). I came to find out that this friend of hers who she was fucking has a much bigger cock than me, which makes sense being that I am of average height with an average, maybe slightly above average cock and the friend of hers is very big and tall with a 'horse cock' as she described it LOL Before I caught her cheating I distinctly remember when I came home from work and we began to get sexual her pussy would have a scent to it (not a bad scent, just a stronger scent than normal like when a woman gets super wet and the scent of a freshly fucked pussy). And I absolutely LOVE to eat girls out, in fact I prefer it over a blow job. I like to please the woman first then take care of myself as it turns me on and gets me really hot to please a woman first.

Many nights when eating her out I would notice that she was overly excited and really really into it to the point where she would have multiple orgasms and explode like a volcano, which I loved. But then I noticed something else. I noticed that her pussy didnt feel as tight as it normally was. Men and woman, I am sure you will know what I am referring to when I say that when you have a GF or wife, your dick basically stretches her hole to the proportions of your cock after being with them for months or years so that her hole fits like a glove. Well, my girls glove was feeling a bit too large for mine LOL At first I suspected it was because I would give her anal more often than fuck her in her pussy (I am obsessed with a womans asshole), but later when the truth came out many many months down the line and I caught her cheating I realized it was because she was getting ram-fucked by a guy with a 'horse cock' and the reason why she was extra excited on certain nights when we had sex and I always ate her out was because she knew that she had his cum in her or had been fucked by him and that I was mixing my cum with his.

The twisted thing is that even after discovering her infidelity, after all the extreme heart ache and utter devastation, I must admit I found it to be a turn on to know she was getting fucked by someone else and then coming home and fucking me, sometimes I found out only hours later after the guy had unloaded inside her. And that is how it all began.

Since discovering the term cuckhold, and relaying it to Mel, we now have fantasies all too frequently about bringing another man into our sexual relationship and all that comes with it, other women included. I am game for anything an so is she. The 'friend' of hers is however NOT game and they dont talk anymore as he turned out to be an abusive scum bag, and afterall, despite everything, I love her and respect her and she feels the same way for me. It is actually the kind of relationship that I dare say is one to strive for as human are very Loving beings, but also have sexual urges that the mold of monogamy cannot compete against and win all the time, I believe anyway. It is healthy I believe to explore, but to do so with the one you Love and care for.

With that said, I do want to say that I am not a 'sissy' or a slave to Mel. So perhaps I do not quite fit the cuckhold mold, and I do not wish to offend anyone with that statement, just want to be clear on the sort of relationship we have, but to also have all of you understand why I registered for this site. I think it will be alot of fun getting know all of you, and in a day or two I will post photos of me and her. I wish I had some now of her but I do not. As for me, I suppose I could post some of me now, but I think i'll wait until I get to hear back from some of you.

Talk to you all soon!
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