Nursing David

Dec 27, 2015
North Wales
David was a regular visitor and one day my sexy wife decided to give him a special surprise to thank him for all the sexy weekends he'd given her in the past. This is exactly how it happened. I'll post the next days adventure later.


Our regular visitor, David was due that weekend. Hazel, my wife, always looked forward to his visits as he was a good friend to both of us, as well as a very good lover for her. She always made a special effort to look sexy for his visits, this time though we had something special planned for him. Earlier that week, while we had been shopping in a nearby supermarket, we had unexpectedly found several sexy costumes. They was a lot cheaper than the ones we'd seen in sex shops, or found online, so we decided to buy the lot. There was a sexy schoolgirl outfit, a little red riding hood set, a fairy set and a sexy nurses outfit. Hazel tried them all on when we got home and looked great in them, especially the nurses outfit. After a particularly hot session that night, when she wore the schoolgirl outfit for me, we decided to give David a treat on his next visit and after much thought decided that the sexy nurse outfit would be best.

About half an hour before David was due to arrive, Hazel put the outfit on then went up to her mother's flat on the floor above us. She was wearing a coat purely to hide the outfit as she went up. Her mother is blind so there was no fear of her seeing it. When David arrived, I explained where Hazel was, he knew about her mother, so didn't think anything of it. I called Hazel and told her David had arrived and she said, she'd be right down. I'd left the front door open so she could get in without making a noise.

When she walked into the room, David was sitting on the couch with his back to the door and Hazel crept into the room and put her hand on his shoulder. When he turned round, I thought we were going to have to send for a real nurse. His face was a picture, mouth open and totally speechless. Hazel smiled at him. “It looks like you could do with a nurse,” she laughed. The outfit had a zip all the way down that Hazel had lowered enough to show the red lace bra she was wearing under it. The top of the white stockings she was wearing was also on view and I knew she had a pair of matching red panties on as well.

David just sat there, his mouth opening and closing like a bloody gold fish until she took him by the hand. “I think we need to get you to the treatment room,” she laughed as she led through the door and into the bedroom. “Would you strip down to your boxers, please,” she laughed. David was down to his tight black shorts in no time flat. “Lie on the bed please,” Hazel said, winking across at me. “Take those off please David, I need to take your temperature,” Hazel said as she leant over him.

David did as she asked and the familiar sigh of his eight inch cock brought another smile to Hazel's face. David knew what was coming next and lay back, his hands behind his head as Hazel 'took his temperature', sliding his knob into her mouth and working her lips up and down his length. Now Hazel had sucked David's cock many times before, but this was different, this was part of role play and he just closed his eyes and moaned softly. He was expecting to shoot his load into Hazel's mouth, which he'd done many times in the past, but Hazel wanted to drag her performance out. “This is more serious than I thought,” she said as she took out the elastic band we'd placed in the drawer. “I'll need to put a tourniquet on it before we go any further. This was something she'd teased David online with, threatening him with the elastic band several times but never actually using one. David flinched as she stretched it and placed it around his erection then let go suddenly. David gave a little yelp as it snapped around his solid shaft. Hazel smiled wickedly at the sound and returned her lips to his knob. I could see that David was close to cumming and Hazel sensed it to. “I think this needs some special treatment,” she laughed, as she swung her leg over him. She reached down between them and lifted his cock up until her pussy was poised directly above it. Then she reached down and moved the crotch of her panties to one side and from where I was sitting I could see that her cunt was more than ready for him. She was wetter than I'd ever seen her. Her juices were literally dripping off her cunt lips. David tried to push upwards to meet her, but Hazel wasn't having any of it and raised herself slightly, just allowing his knob to spread her pussy lips. David soon realised that she was in control and just surrendered himself to her tender mercies.

I was of course recording all of this on camera and got some fantastic shots as she rode his stiff cock. She rode him for at least fifteen minutes, pulling herself off him each time she felt that he was about to come. Finally when she was ready she dropped down hard onto him and I watched them both reach mind blowing orgasms. Hazel flooding her juices around his cock, while he jetted his cum deep into her pussy. The pictures of David's cock coated with the mixture of their combined juices were amazing and some of the best I have ever taken.

Hazel called a halt to the treatment and we all retired back to the lounge for coffee. “I think you'll need a repeat prescription later,” she said as she slid her hand into David's robe and gave his cock a squeeze. As usual with David's visits, it wasn't only the sex that was enjoyable but also the company as well. We sat talking for over an hour, before Hazel took hold of the tie belt on David's robe and tugged it gently. She pulled the sides apart and exposed his now limp cock. “Mmm,” she said, “I think it's time I took your temperature again David.” Both David and I laughed, but his laugh was cut short and replaced by a low groan, as Hazel lowered her head and placed her lips on the tip of his knob. “David's cock began to stiffen almost immediately and Hazel sat up again. “Medicine time David,” she laughed, “your temperature seems to be going up again.” David happily sat there waiting for Hazel to give him his medicine. “No David,” she said, “I think we need to try an alternative treatment and I think this one needs to be taken orally.” With this she stood up and opened her own robe, uncovering her obviously aroused pussy lips. She sat back down on the couch and opened her legs wide her cunt lips were pink and swollen and glistened with drops of her juices. “Now please don't be an awkward patient please David,” she laughed, “kneel down and take your medicine like a man.” It didn't take David long to realise what was expected of him and he dropped to his knees between her open thighs, placing a hand on each and spreading them even wider. I moved, camera in hand, and sat beside them on the couch. I wanted, not just to get some close-ups of David taking his medicine, but also to work on Hazel's breasts. She loves having her nipples teased while her pussy is receiving attention.

David looked up at me over her light covering of pubic hair and winked, then ran his tongue through her soaking pussy lips. Hazel jumped as David's tongue dipped into her love tunnel and moved her hand to the back of his head and pulled him harder onto her pussy. “That's it David,” she moaned, “but the medicine is inside the bottle.” David winked at me again and slid his tongue back into Hazel's “bottle”. I released my grip on her nipple, changed position and focused on the action between her thighs. I got a fantastic shot as David's tongue slid into her. “I think you should have shaken the bottle first, David,” I said. David didn't need to shake the bottle, as he slid his tongue deeper into her, Hazel began to shake it herself. Her body began to quiver as he slid his tongue in and out of her and I knew that David was about to get the full dose of his medicine.

Hazel's head began to roll from side to side and her breathing became erratic. She began to moan more loudly as her body quivered as David delved deeper into her wetness. “Oh yes David, that's it. You are a good boy.” Hazel's words weren't so much spoken as breathed. I saw her body stiffen and her back arch. She pulled David's head closer to her pussy and pushed it up towards him. David's nose was now pressed against her clit and she began to moan and her head rolled from side to side. I had seen David cause many explosive orgasms in Hazel, but this was the most intense I had seen. Her breathing was erratic and her body was convulsing violently. “Fuck me David, fuck me.” She was sobbing as she begged for his cock and David was smiling as he stood up and slipped the robe off his shoulders. His cock looked huge and jutted out from his bush of pubic hair. Hazel opened her eyes just in time to see him dropping to knees between her spread thighs.

I watched as David took his thick shaft in his hand and moved his knob towards Hazel's waiting pussy. Hazel shuffled forwards on the couch a little and, as David's knob touched her swollen pink lips, she wrapped her legs around him and trapped his cock in her hot, wet pussy. Her moans began to get louder as David drove his cock into her. Now as we live in a small block of flats, I was beginning to get more than a little concerned at the noise she was making. Hazel is very vocal when she is getting a good fucking and that is one thing David always gives her. She opened her mouth again, but this time I was ready for her. I had taken off my robe and climbed onto the couch beside her and as her mouth opened, I slipped my cock into it. Whatever profanity was about to escape her lips was choked off as my cock filled her mouth. Now one thing that Hazel loves is sucking one cock while her pussy is filled with another.

As David drove his cock into her pussy, I fucked her mouth, sliding my cock in and out between her soft lips, revelling in the feeling of her tongue washing over my knob. Hazel was still moaning but the sounds were muffled by my cock and the sensation of the vibrations were driving me crazy. I was about to pull out, when David also started moaning. “Are you ready for your own medicine, Hazel?” he said. Hazel just moaned her reply around my cock and that did it for me, and as David shot his load into her pussy, my own cock delivered mine down her throat. She swallowed hard as I shot jet after jet into her mouth as David's cock was doing the same in her pussy. David collapsed on top her, his cock softening rapidly in her pussy, while mine shrank from between her lips. That was the start of another fantastic weekend of sex when Hazel's pussy and mouth were almost permanently filled with a hard cock.


May 23, 2017
new orleans
very good story please keep them coming and thank you for leaving on your wedding ring.. loved that the best. one small request... please ... little red riding hood next ....