Our Beginning


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Aug 26, 2017
My wife KK and I were engaged during our early college years. During that period of time, she broke off our engagement, after having cheated on me, and beginning the experiment of fucking other men (although as I later found out, KK was quite sexually experienced, but she was a “technical” virgin when we met, and up to that point, I had been her first, and only partner with respect to penetrating sex). In the span of time our engagement was off, I was not directly aware of her sexual exploits, and experiences, but I was suspicious.

While we were split up, I ended up with a copy of a Penthouse Forum, and in that magazine, was a letter/story, which described a couple in which the wife was described, similar in appearance and physical characteristics to KK. The story described her being seduced by a guy at a bar, then making their way to the parking lot, to make out with the strange man, eventually fucking in his car, and then going to his hotel for a couple of days of sex - with her partner’s knowledge and reluctant consent. I was hooked on the notion that my former fiance was doing these kinds of things, and masturbated incessantly to similar fantasies. We eventually got back together, and got married - I continued to have these fantasies even though we were married.

Intervening life; work, travel, children, etc., all the “normal” stuff occupied our time, I still had the fantasies, and my wife responded to them during lovemaking, enjoying shattering orgasms at variations on the theme, that I whispered in in her ear while fingering her wet pussy, or fucking her.

For us, the transition to her hot-wife status took more than a decade from the first time we shared the fantasy. One night, on vacation, as we lay in the hotel bed, the question came into play about her sex life before we were married. We were both a little drunk, a little high, and she confessed an affair that she’d had, about a year after we’d been engaged. I had the first hands-free orgasm of my life, listening to her confession, and all during her whispered disclosure, she masturbated. From then on, I was hooked on the notion, but other than pillow-talk, she never acted upon it.

Our first real-life experience was during a business trip, where my wife came along opportunistically. The out-of-town aspect and hotel travel always made her more sexual, no kids, no interruptions, the privacy of a hotel room...

That first night we had dinner, drinks, and dancing, and I needed to take a break for a conference call with overseas colleagues in a different time-zone. My wife stayed in the hotel's dance club. I thought she was just a little on the tipsy side, but I found out later she was more inebriated than I thought, and her inhibitions were eroded by the alcohol.

One thing led to another in the hour that I was gone, and as my call was concluding, there was some fumbling about, and commotion at the door of the room. She'd brought back her "catch" to our room. It was like she was in some other reality, like I wasn't even there. I watched them kissing each other, clawing away clothing, and the entire chain-reaction of events as she sucked his cock, he licked her pussy, followed by them fucking each other senseless until she finally passed out.

Their fucking, bordering on lovemaking was intense. The two of them were more or less oblivious to my presence in the room, almost like I was invisible. They fucked, sucked, licked and kissed in so many positions I was amazed - seeing my wife do things with this strange man that I though only we shared.

During that 90 minutes, I went through wave after wave of varied emotions, and thought for a couple of times that I might even be ill... but my cock was rock-hard the entire time, from the moment they stumbled through the hotel room door. At one point, I had a spontaneous orgasm, squiring cum all over my boxers just from the visual scene.

Watching them kiss was intensely erotic. The moment his cock slid into my wife’s pussy was mind-blowing, seeing it, hearing her gasp and moan, and watching her react, and fuck him back.

After the guy left, reclaiming her was equally sensual and erotic - even through she was drunk, and barely coherent, she allowed me to finger her cum-filled pussy, slide my cock into her, hot, wet sticky slit, and she sucked my cum-covered cock, coating with a mixture of her lover’s cum, my own, and her juices.

That was the first time I saw it, all of it, uninhibited, up close, and in person. The ride has been interesting and intense ever since.