Our fantasy stories did it


Apr 1, 2017
I was always hot thinking of some well hung guys fucking my wife. We were newly married and she is Filipina and very devoted. I tried approaching her a few times whether she would like to fuck another guy and the answer was always no, I don't like that. We had to start living quite from each other so sex was amiss between us. I knew I needed to have my fill elsewhere and I told her the same I was ok with her doing it but she said she would wait for me. One day I asked her to fantasise with me on chat about sex with another guy, she kept saying she could not so I helped her along with some ideas and she would get into the story reluctantly. Gradually she enjoyed some of the stories and started creating a few of her own which I enjoyed. She had a great imagination which came to light when she started and her favourite one turned out to be her being fucked very hard with a well hung brute. I was so surprised because before she always told me she liked gentle sex so this was completely opposite of what she had said earlier. we continued creating some amazing fantasy fucking stories of her with some great guys and one day she admitted she got wet when she imagined the stories. We gradually moved on to me getting her to dress sexy and feel she was attractive to other men. She agreed and started getting attention. The long and short of this is two days back she had her first hard fuck in a hotel room with a guy who had been chasing her. She told me about it after she had been with him an a few hours and said she had no feelings for the guy and but enjoyed the fuck a lot.

She and the guy checked into the hotel and the moment they were in he could not keep his hands off my sexy wife. Kissing her all over and then started fucking her with his thick cock. It was not too long but quite thick and hard. he fuck her without a condom and came in her despite her asking him to pull it out (that's what she said). It was an amazing feeling to know my wife had just been fucked and he had filled her wet pussy with his cum. I would have loved to clean her up had I been there. However it was not over for her and he was still very hard so she went up on him, her favourite position when we fucked and fucked him very hard a long till she came.

She had sucked his thick cock for a while and enjoyed this. she slept like a baby that night and then next day she was so fresh. We spoke about it and I asked her if she would like to fuck him again but she said no, she had found out he was married and once was enough. I told her I would love it if she did it again and she asked me if I was sure. I said yesss it made all of us happy so why not and she agreed to find one this week before we meet. When we meet she told me she would like to continue to find guys to fuck her dream fuck being a very hard fuck. The stories worked to open her mind and now she loves it. We are both so happy.