Our wedding day in the Bahamas

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    Hello everyone, I'm Adventurous Ann's very proud husband. Some of you may know us from our blog or from other forums. Just found this site and looks like a good community to join. Hope you enjoy our story below from our wedding day.

    Ann and I went to Freeport Bahamas for 7 days for a vacation and to get married. Our wedding was on the Tuesday which was our third day there. It was an incredibly relaxing vacation and we met some amazing people there and made friendships that will last a lifetime. Of all the places we have traveled to this is by far our favorite place.

    Anyways on with the good stuff. Tuesday morning was our wedding which was done by 10am. By 11 Ann and I were in the pool enjoying a drink by the swim up bar. We struck up a conversation with Corbin, one of the bartenders, a tall Bohemian guy in his late 20s early 30s. For the next couple of hours we remained by the bar enjoying quite a few drinks. Corbin was definitely enjoying conversing with Ann spending most of the time talking with her and not me. Ann looked at me with hazy eyes and said she needed to go to the washroom. Both Corbin and I watched her walk out of the pool in her small black bikini which exposed plenty of cheek. Corbin looked at me and said "you are one lucky guy". I thanked him and told him that I was quite aware of how lucky I was.

    On her return from the washroom she said that she was going to go sit on the lounger next to the pool and asked if I could grab her another drink. I did as she asked and joined her next to the pool. While sipping on her drink she looked at me and said,

    “I know it's our wedding day but I badly want to fuck Corbin".

    I looked at her smiling and replied,

    "I'm pretty sure he badly wants to fuck you to".

    “Are you OK with that"? She asked.

    "Just because we're married now, that doesn't change the way I feel about you or watching you with other guys" I replied.

    I told her that I was going to go ask him when he was off and ask him if I could get a few pictures of her with the bartender that got her drunk on her wedding day. She said that was a great idea. I added that from that point it would be up to her how to proceed. She replied with,

    "Don't worry, I know how to get a guy in bed with me" and we both laughed.

    I walked back in the pool to the bar and waited for him to finish making drinks for an older couple. Once he was done he came over asking if I needed 2 more drinks. I said sure but was also wondering what time he was off shift. He said he was off at 5pm and also asked why I was asking. I told him that I wanted to get a picture of the bartender that got my wife drunk on her wedding day. He laughed and asked
    "just me or Ann and I together".

    I replied,
    “the two of you together of course ".

    He said that that was no problem at all and that he would be more than happy to pose with Ann. I told him that we would meet him at our room and gave him our room number. He said he would be there soon after 5. I went back to Ann at the side of the pool and told her the good news. Ann smiled and looked at her phone for the time and said,

    "fuck! Another hour and a half to wait".

    For the next hour the anticipation was building but we remained there enjoying the sun and a couple more drinks. We were both feeling really good from all the drinks. Ann asked me what she should wear for the pictures and I told her to stay in her bikini as he seemed to really enjoy her in it. She agreed and then added,

    “maybe I'll take it off for one picture".

    "That will get things going" I added.

    At 4:45 we packed up and made our way to our room, looking back at Corbin waving to him as he waved back.
    In the room Ann was nervously pacing back and forth across the room. I asked her why she was so nervous and she couldn't answer me.

    "I don't know" she said "I feel like this is our first time doing this" then laughed.

    At 5:05 a knock on the door made Ann jump.

    "He's here" she said.

    I looked at her as she stood by the bed and said,

    "well are you going to let him in"?

    She smiled at me and walked to the door and opened it.

    “Come in" she said to him.

    Corbin also looked nervous as he walked in. We made small talk for a few minutes then asked them to move to the patio for a couple pictures.

    First picture was tame, standing side by side with his arm around her shoulders and her arm around his waist. Second picture I asked them to turn around facing the water, Ann had her arms resting on the railing and he had his hand on her lower back. I thought to myself,

    "I'm going to get things started".

    I walked out on the patio and grabbed Corbin's hand on Ann's back and lowered it to her gorgeous ass as she bent forward on the railing. Ann jumped a little and looked back at me realizing then that I had done it and relaxed. Corbin had a huge smile on his face and by that reaction I knew this was going to be a great evening. I took a couple pictures of them like this. Ann stood up off the railing and took him by the hand and brought him inside the room. I kept shooting as they walked in and Ann stood facing him with her arms now around him. He wrapped his arms around her then Ann wrapped her left leg around him. He placed his right hand on her upper leg then moved it to her ass. Ann released him then removed her bikini top and returned to the same position. Corbin was smiling from ear to ear with his hand on her ass. Then Ann grabbed his hand and moved it to her bare breast. That smile got even bigger on Corbin's face. Ann reached down between them and began rubbing his cock through his black pants and said,

    "feels like you're really enjoying yourself"

    "you have no idea" Corbin replied.

    "Well we're just getting started" Ann said to him before dropping to her knees and undoing his pants.

    Ann got his pants off and out sprang this large black cock which she had in both hands stroking him. She brought her mouth to his large cock head and took it between her lips licking away the precum with her tongue. Slowly engulfing as much of his cock into her mouth as he held the back of her head. Ann sucked on his big black cock for about 5 minutes before he pulled her up and pulled her to him and began to embrace. Both of his big hands were inside her bikini bottoms groping her ass as they continued to hungrily kiss each other. The kiss finally broke and Corbin removed his shirt exposing a well chiseled chest. Ann removed her bikini bottoms then laid out on the bed, looking straight at him began rubbing her pussy with her right hand. He stood back enjoying the view until she said,

    "You gonna come fuck me or just stand there"?

    Without a word Corbin lunged forward onto the bed between her legs wanting to eat her pussy. Ann would have none of that and stopped him saying

    "no way mister, I want that big cock of yours now, get up here and get that big cock of yours inside me".

    Corbin moved up Ann's body and positioned himself holding his cock to her glistening pussy. He ran his cock along her slit as she pulled on him to penetrate her. Ann's legs wrapped around him as he began entering her wet snatch. Slowly Corbin eased his way in until his cock had entirely disappeared within her. Ann's legs now wrapped tightly around him thrusting her hips up into him wanting to start fucking her. He slowly began his attack on her pussy with slow steady thrusts then picking up the pace before slowing down again. Driving Ann insane as she desperately begged him to fuck her hard. He raised himself up off of her resting on his hands on either side of her head and now began that hard fucking she had begged for. Ann was so loud moaning as he continued to pound her hard and fast. Her arms wrapped around his neck and pulled him down to her and kissed him passionately muffling her moans. She began convulsing beneath him within minutes as her first orgasm ran through her. Corbin continued fucking her hard and fast intensifying her orgasmic pleasure.

    Once her orgasm had calmed Corbin rolled her over on her stomach and her legs hanging off the bed. He re-entered her from behind holding her by her hips and ass. Furiously slamming himself into her hard making her scream with intense pleasure. Seeing his large tool slide in and out of Ann was incredibly turning me on, not that I wasn't already very turned on but what an erotic sight this was watching Corbin have his way with Ann. I took my shorts off and stroked my cock with my left hand while continuing to take pictures with my right hand holding the camera. Ann reached back grabbing his leg telling him that she was going to cum again. He grabbed her hips hard and drove his hard cock into her rapidly sending her again into convulsions in front of him as another powerful orgasm overtook her body. Corbin could no longer hold off and tried to pull out of Ann as he began to shoot his hot cum into her because she held him against her. He filled her up with his massive load that was now spewing out of her as he collapsed on the bed beside her.

    "WOW!!!" Corbin expressed to Ann as he leaned in to kiss her.

    Ann lay there spent and kissed him back.

    "Hope you are here all week"? Ann asked Corbin.

    “I’m off tomorrow and Thursday but back Friday" Corbin replied.

    "We're here till 3pm on Saturday so you better visit me before we leave" Ann said.

    "You can count on it" Corbin said before getting up off the bed and getting dressed.

    He shook my hand and congratulated me on marrying Ann and said goodbye.
    Ann smiling said,

    "that was fucking amazing, thank you so much babe for letting him fuck me on our wedding day"!

    I thanked her for wanting to fuck him because watching them fuck each other on our wedding day made it a day I will never forget.

    "I love you so much" Ann proclaimed.

    "I love you to baby" I replied then added "we are so meant for each other"!
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    Thanks :) was a very hot wedding day and honeymoon!
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    Wow, that has my cock throbbing and wanting to see Ann's lovely body to shoot over?
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    Very very hot!