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Aug 26, 2017
We had a second encounter with a partner my wife has been cultivating for a while - sort of out of our normal order of screening because of schedules and logistics.

This new guy is a graduate student at an area university, twenty six, and my wife definitely finds him attractive. The young man, Allan, has an athletic physique, he’s about my height, a little over six feet, and as KK found out on our initial screening meet, he’s a “two-hander,” which means that KK can get both hands on his erect cock, from the base, and still see his exposed cock-head.

Our first screening meet was at a dive bar we sometimes use for initial meet and greets, but we had limited time. KK ended up in the ladies room with Allan, to do the initial cock inspection, but there was no deeper exploration because of the timing issues. They hit it off, and there was a definite mutual physical attraction.

She asked me to invite him for a play date (this is what my wife calls an encounter that is outside the normal full sexual encounter - Allan’s health screening results aren’t in yet) last night, and he was able to make it.

Prior to the appointed time, KK had me prepare her in the usual ritual for an encounter, except for administering an enema, and then had me excuse myself before she put on her make-up and got dressed. She asked me to greet Allan when he arrived, have a warm-up conversation over a drink, and then take him to the playroom and leave him, and that she would make an entrance after that. She also asked for private time for the first hour.

Allan showed up on time, and we had a beer along with some small-talk. I told him that KK would join him in our playroom, and that I would probably join them after an hour or so, and asked to make sure he was comfortable with that idea and understood that I would either watch, or participate as KK directed. Then I took him to the playroom, and showed him the lay of the space, where the extra towels were, the mini-fridge contents, and then told him KK would be along shortly, at which point I made my exit.

I went down the hall, and knocked on the closed master bedroom door. KK opened it, and I got instantly hard - she was wearing one of my favorite domme outfits, a leather body-suit that is crotchless, and cup-less, along with a pair of black patent platforms. She asked, “So he’s here?” I told her he was waiting for her in the playroom, and said, “You look gorgeous!” Her make-up was perfect, and she had done her nails - bright red, and so very, very sexy!

KK went down the hall toward the playroom, and I went to the den to wait. I waited an hour and five minutes, then went to the playroom door and knocked. KK told me to come inside, and I opened the door.

I found that my wife had Allan completely naked, his wrists cuffed to the top rail of the bed, facing out. She had one of the armless chairs next to him. Allan had the smooth, nearly hairless body of a swimmer, and his cock was erect, rigid, and glistening. KK was seated, wearing a pair of nitrile exam gloves, and as I took in the scene, she was obviously involved in a heavy-duty cock worship and torment session.

Allan’s lube-slick cock was bound at the base with a silicone rubber ring, and his cock was twitching and throbbing. KK said, “Allan has such a fucking gorgeous cock baby! Look how hard he is! He wants to learn too, and he’s being such a good boy! Am I a good teacher Allan?” He managed to squeak out a “Yes, oh yes you are a wonderful teacher” in response to KK’s question.

She looked at me, and my wife gets this certain devious, sort of evil look about her sometimes, and said, “You can watch baby. I’m going to teach this nice young man some things. Pull up a chair, and have a seat.”

I asked her if I could use the bathroom, and make myself more comfortable, and KK said, “Why yes dear. Are you going to play with your cock for us?” I was a little embarrassed at her tone, and acted like I didn’t hear the full response. I went to the bathroom and stripped down, folded up my clothes (KK hates shit like loose clothing spread around her playroom), and put them onto the shelf. I took a quick ********, and went out into the bedroom, grabbed a chair, and placed it where I though I would get a good view.

As I was getting situated, I watched KK stroking Allan’s hard cock, and fondling his smooth balls with her gloved hands. She has excellent hand-job technique, and my wife has developed skills that drive me, and her encounter partners mad with excitement - slow, but firm grip, good read of male sexual response, such that she can drive a hard cock right up to the edge of exploding, then stop, and back off just in the nick of time, keeping a man on edge until she wants him to blow his load.

I watched her and stroked my own cock, while she tormented Allan, until he was writhing around, on the verge of begging her to let him cum. KK backed down, teasing his cock only enough to keep it hard, and then she extended the middle finger of her gloved right hand, and slowly pushed it into Allan’s anus - initial just to the first knuckle, letting him squirm around and adjust to the violation, then slowly, until she had her entire finger in his ass. She was going to milk this lucky man, and let me watch!

As KK explored him, feeling for his prostate, I slowly jacked my cock, knowing exactly what Allan was experiencing. She found the spot, and kept massaging it, until the first sign of real success appeared - a droplet of his seminal fluid built up at the tip of his cock. KK kept slowly and deliberately tormenting him, blowing on Allan’s glans, using her left index finger to smash down the droplets of seminal fluid as they built up on his fat cock-head, and then massaging it all over the corona and glans, until the next droplet was ready. My wife kept this up, tormenting Allan for a solid fifteen to twenty minutes, while I stroked, and tried not to cum.

KK stopped, got up, and went to the toy-chest, and rummaged around in one of the drawers. She came back with one of our anal toys, an Aneros prostate massager. I watched KK lube it up with a dollop of coconut oil, then she slowly worked it into Allan’s ass. He was moaning, and squirming against the handcuffs, and his cock was turning a light shade of pink-purple, which made me wonder if KK had given him Viagra or Cialis earlier to enhance his erection. That color change is a usual sign of one of the ED drugs, combined with the cock ring, and the lengthy stimulation and torment.

My wife had the Aneros in place, and was tugging on the little handle, working it inside of Allan, and his cock was almost flowing seminal fluid after a few minutes of this stimulation. A steady stream of pre-cum was leaking from him, and KK just kept up her torment.

She finally stopped manipulating the Aneros, and left it in place, then started a two-handed stroke job on Allan’s cock. Within about five minutes, Allan lost it - he blew a gigantic load of cum all over KK’s big, exposed tits, and the sight of it made me lose it, and I spewed out a load of jizz that shot all the way up to my neck and chest.

After a few minutes, KK said, “God that was so hot! I really wish we could fuck, but I’m going to save it until I can have the gorgeous cock bare naked inside me! I’m going to un-cuff you now sweetie, and lay in the bed. I want you to lick and kiss my pussy until I tell you I’m done. Be a good boy, and mind me, OK?” Allan mumbled, “Yes, OK” as my wife unlocked the hand-cuffs and let him free. She got onto the bed, propped up on a bunch of pillows, and spread her legs to allow Allan to service her.

They spent the next 45-minutes or so in bed, Allan munching on my wife’s pussy, until she had at least three good solid orgasms. I managed one more good cum, jacking off to the erotic scene of KK’s pussy being eaten by this poor kid. I could tell he wanted to fuck her, but he managed to follow KK’s direction and just service her with his mouth and tongue.

Once we all recovered a bit and freshened up, KK said to Allan, “Be sure and text me the minute your test results come back - I can’t wait to have that pretty cock in my pussy!” She gave him a hug and kiss goodbye for the evening, and then we saw him out. We went back to the playroom, and I was treated to a great fuck, with KK on top. I managed to last a good long while, long enough to have her cum on my cock once before I unloaded in her. It was a good night, and I think we are both looking forward to the full-sex encounter - my wife is certainly hot for Allan’s cock, and I think he’ll be a more than adequate lover.


Feb 11, 2021
Abbotsford, BC
What a delightfully well-written and hot account of your session together.
Sounds like an ideal cuck scenario where all involved had a wonderful time!
Kudos to Your wife! 😀