Prior Partners - Prior Experience

Jun 6, 2018
How many of you get aroused when your wife or gf share stories of her prior partners. And how many ladies want to know what experience the husband or bf has? Best of all share some stories and tell us how it came to be that your sweety told you about his her prior life.
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Dec 19, 2016
When we have sex my wife takes the time to tell me of all the dirty things all her boyfriends or even strangers did to her. She once told me of how she had to suck and fuck six guys who each took turns on her, and later watched her and her girlfriend have sex in fromt of them, and i came like crazy as she told me that!!
Jun 6, 2018
Years ago my wife and had some problems. I found a girlfriend and ultimately discussed it with the wife. She wanted all the details. It was hard to share. But then we both opened up. When I told her about fingering the gf wife got turned on and told me she had had an office affair 5 years earlier. From there we both told it all . All the threesomes with the neighbors. All the blowjobs she had given before and after marriage. Then we went for the “... who would you like to fuck ...” questions. I would fuck with her mind while she relived guys licking her pussy. She uses a vibrator an squirts buckets when we talk about history now.
Apr 21, 2016
Bluffton, SC
Mine had scores of prior's, BUT, she absolutely refuses to share any details or stories. So much fuel has gone to waste. Only small comments here and there:

talking in a group of friends and the subject got on to swallow & taste - she says "all men taste different - I should know"
talking to a friend who has a boat - "it's so much better on a boat - the motion of the ocean"

When she firts told me, in a moment of weakness, about how many 'came' before me, I immediately had an orgasm. She had no idea, at that moment I knew I was meant to be a cuckold. She won't partake.
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May 14, 2018
I know literally nothing about my wifes past. I dont think there was much to tell, but id still like to know.
in my younger days I would have been too jealous and irrational. but now, im curious and would prob find it arousing.