Progress? I think so

Dec 12, 2022
I have been talking to my wife about wanting her to cuckold me and my strong desire to watch her have sex for a few years now. Initially it was just talk during foreplay. Eventually we started talking about it during sex.

This progressed into realistic large sized dildos. At first I thought she was just indulging me but more often over time she would stop our sexual activities asking for me to “get one of her friends” if she was getting frustrated trying to get off. This was super exciting for me as it seemed like an actual need/desire as opposed to some kind of “indulgence” for my fantasies.

Around mid November we had a series of honest discussions about the Hotwife/cuckold component of our relationship. I am happy to say it was from her bringing it up. She asked me if I really wanted to or was it mere fantasy. Nervously I answered that I absolutely wanted it. To my surprise and joy she said it was a turn on and she wanted to as well!

Fast forward a few weeks and after online profiles she created and a few long and hot Kik convos she had set up a light meet and greet with a suitor. Hours beforehand she called it off and deleted everything. She was strongly against and regretted sending him and a few others the pics and vids she had sent them.

I was supportive and let her know I was not upset about her rejection of the lifestyle. She slowly came out of that episode and recently started embracing the role playing we had engaged before. Again it was her bringing it up, not from my urging.

This brought on more long form conversation only about the subject. Part of the open discussion was her talking about her sexual past.

When we we new to the marriage (15 years ago) she was very closed off about it. She did admit that she had been with around 10 guys, but was tight lipped about anything sexual. I didn’t press at the time.

Recently she let on that she had actually lost count at a little over 50 partners. She didn’t count “messing around” or sexual activities outside of penetrative sex. She told me proudly that she lost count of partners she had engaged in those type of activities with. I was so happy proud and turned on at the same time. She appeared relieved at not only my acceptance but also my elation.

Our we working in a good direction for the lifestyle? Either way I’m glad she’s finally comfortable with me enough to share her past. Just curious if it is part of her process of embracing her unsuppressed sexuality or “throwing me a bone”.

Thanks for any feedback


Dec 19, 2022
It sounds like you're much closer than me, however I only mentioned it to my wife around 5 months ago.
I have already bought in large dildos and the talk has gotten hotter, but I'm at the start of a very long road....

My advice would be to keep your discussions as honest as possible (as you've been doing). The wife's biggest fear is losing you. Tell her you're with her on this journey no matter what!
It's great she's telling you honestly about her sexual past. That must be hot for you also!

I'd love to hear some more advice for you... That's why I'm commenting, to put this thread back to the top of the list.
Hopefully some more folks can chime in now :)
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Nov 13, 2022
Yeah, the admission regarding her number of past lovers is a huge demonstration of trust - as well as being a boner factory for a cuck! Sounds like you're on the right track.

It seems a common theme that women are very cautious about unleashing their sexual desires given the judgement they can experience in our society. I imagine that's why she got "buyers remorse" before that first meet and greet but maybe she will go for it again in the future.