Prostitute wives, fantasy myth or real

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In my past experiences with my swing partners that have been "working girls" I have always wondered if any other guys have had the same or similar thoughts about their own wives/GFs. For instance my first wife started working as an escort totally by chance (to long a story to get into right now). She started with 3 or 4 guys a month then it went up to 4 guys a week but she cut that down to a manageable 3 a month. She stayed overnight with them and sometimes even 4 or 5 nights and while she was away my mind would be racing thinking of all the scenarios they could be up to.
Then came my ex gf. A Filipina, very tiny and slim. Sweet and innocent and butter wouldn't melt....YEAH RIGHT!!!
After we had been going out together for about 3 months, she found my stash of photos of my exwife in some very proactive poses so she asked if we were swingers. When I said yes she instantly wanted to try it and boy was she good at it. She would try anything to do with sex. After we broke up I began to piece the jigsaw together and from a few of her friends and from her own mouth. It turned out she worked behind her aunts bar firstly on the till but then after watching the other girls work, she started working the punters too.
Now my question is this:
Is it wrong for your woman to work as a sexworker with your blessing or before you met her knowing she has probably fucked thousands? Personally I found it VERY stimulating every time I sucked the pussy of my exwife or gf I would think of all the cocks that had used and abused that pussy and anus
What would you think off your wife/gf if she wanted to work as a sex worker or if you found out she had been a sexworker, would it change anything and if so how would you react?


Aug 29, 2017
I like to play. I like the majority of men I have spent any sexual time with. I have never once thought that I should charge for it. That would make it more like a job and as an employee of whomever is paying. That would also put you more under control of who is paying and you lose your say. I like to keep it fun mutually.

Now, I have absolutely nothing against anyone who charges for a service no matter what that service is. I think we all know there is a demand for it and thus, there needs to be a relief to that demand.

On the Island of Batam, in Indonesia which is just a two hour ferry ride from Singapore, you would be amazed at the number of wives and GFs who offer paid for sex. In Singapore, a girl will cost you a couple hundred dollars for a short time plus any room charges. In Batam, around 25 to 50 dollars for all night or any part of it. They normally toss in a 3 dollar dinner and share their free breakfast at a hotel. What I found to be rather interesting was watching the girls come to work at the hotels on the back of their motor bikes driven by their husbands and boyfriends. Hubby and I talked with a few of the guys and girls and found that in many cases, the wife is the only income for the family. Not uncommon here for husbands to stop working and let the wives support them but that is another social/cultural problem here. Odd thing is that the majority of the population here is Muslim and some of these girls arrive in hijab only to go change into short skirts and letting their hair out. Talking to some girls, it is the only job they can do. No education, no learned skills and many have one child. The guys who brought them sit around smoking and talking until around 11 PM when if by that time their girls have not gotten a male, they go home. My husband and I walked through a patio area at our hotel and were both propositioned either separately or as a couple. It was tempting but re passed.

I was sitting in a Batam restaurant with a female friend and every time someone from Singapore walked in, we were taken as sex workers. Most just think that if you are female, sitting anywhere in Batam, you must be looking for a man to hire you.
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Dec 19, 2016
My wife had many sexual experiences before me. She had been in gangbangs, orgies, mmf ffm, lesbian sex, sex with so many men, even friends and relatives, and although i was surprised at first, it also got me horny and thinking of how many men had used and abused the woman that was now going to be mine. It was difficult at first because many of the people she had been with were upset when she decided to get married, and thats when i found out my future wife was basically a slut. Many of them wrote to me telling me how they enjoyed sex with her or about other people she had been with, but i didnt care, although out of jealosy and being aroused at the sane time i would masturbate while reading those messages, since i was too scared to ask her personally. It still gets me hard now just writing about it, knowing that my beautiful innocent looking chubby wife, was taken by so many others, and even now, is pregnant by another man, yet still gets into bed with me, kisses me, and plays with my little dick. I love to eat her pussy, especially now, that it constantly has a cock abusing it, it makes me feel so much more passion for my wife.


Aug 26, 2017
Before we were married, during the time we were engaged, KK broke up with me for a while.

During that time period, she got involved in escorting. It was a chain of events that started with nude modeling for a university art department life drawing course. Things progressed to modeling for photography groups, to lingerie modeling at bars.

The escorting thing began opportunistically. KK got hired by two guys at one of her lingerie gigs to strip for a bachelor party. Of course, it didn’t stop with stripping, and KK sucked and fucked the whole gang.

KK made enough money in the year that this went on to afford a new car, live off campus, and pay for school. Most of her clients were married, older men, many with fetishes that KK enjoyed, profitably exploiting.

Later in life, we role-played a number of escort / hooker fantasies, including some Vegas games where I played the role of driver/pimp. The most extreme was having a guy pay $500 to fuck my hot wife in the mouth, pussy, and ass.


Dec 10, 2019
Did the fantasies you played work out or not? With my ex wife, like I said she dropped into escorting purely by chance, as an escort it was both fun and nerve wrenching for me yet she loved it, the money helped a lot aswell