Quick start and more to cum!!

Oct 21, 2017
Monday was an interesting start back into the hotwife lifestyle. My wifes friend Billy got her to get ready to see him and he stopped communicating. Then later our friend Micheal who she has known for years began talking with her and let her know he would be free for a couple of hours with no kids at home. She immediately got ready in a hot red off the shoulder short dress with no underwear on at all. She drove to his place and they fucked with him on top of her and her leg pushed up to her head. They were interrupted by texts from his kids and dogs barking from my wifes vocal reactions. She had to suck him hard a few times and he sent me a nice photo of it!! He then put her on her knees and fucked her hard until he cum on her back. It was a quick session but broke the seal with them and they are looking to schedule a time when they will have more time and no disruption.
Then I met her afterwards at a bar and two young guys were sitting close to her. They did not talk to her until the end but she laid down some hints that she enjoyed being with other men. They just did not get it and left. We talked and she was hoping they both would have come on to her. She wanted to go to their hotel and fuck them both!! We went home then and had some really good sex. She did not cum from Micheal so I made sure she was pleased.