Recalling Her First "Confession"


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Aug 26, 2017
The first detailed “confession” my wife ever provided was one of the more arousing, erotic experiences I’ve had. It came up again during a recent session of pillow-talk, relative to KK’s thoughts about men, and hands-free ejaculation/orgasm. She is fascinated by hands-free ejaculation; this past June, during a “shopping for cock” session she was engaged in, one of the guys she’s interested in sent her a short video clip of a hands-free cum he managed while looking at naked pics of her.

The first time I experienced hands-free cumming, outside of a pubescent wet dream was during her “confession” about her experiences with an ex, “Monty.” The confession took place about five years before our first hot wife experience.

Monty came into the picture first during our college years. I was casually acquainted with him, and mostly disliked him - classic rich college kid, riding on family money, and buying his way into, and out of everything. He was a frat boy too, another thing I have general disdain for. He was in my then finance’s circle of friends.

Long story short, my then fiancé, and now wife, KK cheated on me with Monty, and eventually broke off our engagement to fuck/date him, among other things.

Later in life, decades after we were married, and after I had engaged in numerous extra-marital affairs, I got caught. We decided not to end our marriage, but instead entered into therapy. One outcome of that was counseling to try not withholding things, or keeping secrets.

A few months in to that therapy and counseling, our relationship had healed, and recovered to the point that KK and I were having frequent sex again. Our sex life, and in general lovemaking had improved, and intensified for a variety of reasons. One weekend morning, on a Saturday, we were lounging in bed, making out, engaged in hot pillow talk and fantasy discussion, and I was narrating thoughts of my wife fucking strangers into her ear while fingering her.

She was incredibly aroused, wet, and had two intense orgasms in fairly short succession as I played out fantasies of her engaging in hot, dirty sex with strange men. In a pause, she rolled toward me, and pushed me onto my back. My cock was rock hard, and I really wanted to fuck my wife. I remember that my cock was twitching, pulsing, and my balls ached with desire. She started out by saying, “Do you remember Monty?” At first I drew a blank, and didn’t respond. KK said, “You know, Monty, that boy that I fucked, Monty, the guy that I cheated on you with?”

I finally responded, “Yeah… Monty.”

KK went on, with her hand on my thigh, “Monty had such a nice cock… so big and so pretty… I used to love sucking Monty’s big cock, and playing with him. Monty had such a beautiful cock-head baby - it was big and fat, like a sweet plum...” That made my cock even harder, and I tried to subtly move her hand onto my cock by rolling my leg. It didn’t work, and she just kept talking.

“The very first time I fucked him was so hot baby. I fucked him in front of his roommate. Did you know that? I let his roommate Steve watch me fuck Monty. We were in their apartment, watching a porno and smoking dope. I got so horny, and I just decided to do what the girl on the video was doing. I started out stroking Monty’s pretty cock, and then I did a little dance for them to the music on the video, and I stripped naked for Monty and Steve. I couldn’t help myself, and I had to have Monty’s huge cock inside me! Oh God, I fucked him so good too. I rode on his big fat cock like he was a horse. Steve jacked off too baby, he stroked his little cock while he watched me fuck Monty’s brains out!”

I was breathing hard, and I felt hot all over, like I had fever. I felt dumb-struck, as I’d never heard my sexy wife talk like this. My cock and balls were aching, and I wanted KK to touch me, or suck me, or better yet, to climb on top of me and fuck me.

She kept talking, “The next time I fucked him was in his daddy’s airplane. Monty took me flying with Steve - that weekend that you and I were supposed to go see my parents… I told you I was sick. Instead, we went for a plane ride.” That was another thing I hated about Monty - he had his pilot’s license, and access to his father’s twin-engine King Air. It was part of his standard “pick up” repertoire for hooking up with girls.

“After we were flying for a while, Monty turned on the auto-pilot, and had Steve sit in the cockpit. We went in the rear cabin, and I pulled Monty’s shorts down, and gave him a blow-job. Then I let him fuck me. He made me take off all my clothes, and he bent me over and fucked me! I joined the mile-high club that day baby, right there in his daddy’s airplane! Then Monty asked me if I would fuck Steve! Can you believe it? He wanted me to fuck Steve too! Monty traded places with Steve, and sent him back to me. I pulled down Steve’s shorts, but his cock was too little, and not very pretty, so I didn’t fuck him - I just jacked him off onto my titties.”

My cock was like a steel rod, and I could feel every heartbeat in it. KK kept talking, keeping me in agony, not touching me at all, “My favorite place to fuck Monty was on his daddy’s boat. He used to take me out on the lake, and we would fuck, and suck, and play for hours. We would get really stoned, and it would make him hard, but he would have trouble cumming. He used to keep big bottles of tanning oil on the boat, and I used it to get him all oily and hard. He would make me get on my hands and knees on the sun-deck, and oil up my pussy and ass, and just fuck me and fuck me. You know I let him fuck my ass…? He was the first boy that I ever let fuck my ass, did you know that? God it hurt so fucking good!”

With that, I experienced a massive, intense hands-free orgasm. My cum shot out, and it went all over my face and chest in spurt after spurt.

KK said, “Did you like that baby? Did you like hearing me tell you all about fucking Monty?” I managed to croak out a hoarse, “Yes. It was so hot sweetie…”

My wife kissed and licked up the cum that had squirted on my face, and then she got on top of me. My cock was still hard, and she was grinding her pussy against it.

She was looking into my eyes, and kept talking about Monty. “You know that Monty was such a dirty boy. He always wanted me to fuck Steve and some of his other friends too, like I was some kind of little whore… he tried to talk me into making dirty movies too. Do you know why i broke it off with Monty baby?”

As KK was grinding on me, I managed to slide my cock into her. I told her, “Because we got back together?” She said, “Oh no… that’s not why. We went to a frat party one night, and I drank too much. I was so fucking drunk! Monty took me into an upstairs bedroom. He gave me some really good pot to smoke, to make me feel better. Instead I sort of passed out. I woke up once for a minute, and Steve was on the bed, trying to put his little cock into my mouth. Then I passed out again. The next time I woke up I was naked, and Steve was fucking me. And Monty was watching, yelling, “Fuck her dude! Fuck the shit out of that little bitch!” I passed out again, and woke up a little later, and some other guy was fucking me. I don’t know how many of them fucked me that night. I woke up in the living room of the rent house the next day, and my bra and panties were missing, and all I had on was just the sundress I’d worn to the frat party. I was sore, and I hurt all over. I know Monty let all his friends fuck my mouth, and my pussy and my ass! I broke up with him that day.”

I was on the verge of cumming again. KK said, “I fucked him a few more times, even after you and me got back together… did you know that? I needed to suck and fuck that pretty cock… I even fucked him in the backseat of your car, one night when you came to visit before the semester started. You were asleep and I was still horny, so I called him and he came to fuck me, right there in the driveway. I didn’t want to bring him in the house, so we got in your car and started making out. I sucked his beautiful cock until it got really big and hard, then I got on top of him and fucked him - your cum was still in me, and I was so fucking wet and horny, having Monty fuck me with your cum in me.” I unloaded in KK at that moment, pumping my balls dry into her.

We never discussed it, or talked about it again after that morning - a few times I tried to press her to tell me more about Monty, and that period of her life, but she would clam up, and eventually tell me to stop pestering her about it - that it was “private.”

Much later, after we started enjoying true hot wife encounters, I learned more about Monty, and that period of time in her life. She’s shared some photo albums of her nude modeling and erotic photo adventures, and even some videos, relatively recently. I’ve heard “snippets” about some of her boyfriends and encounters, and hearing her sharing these experiences is always incredibly erotic.