Reservations Are Set

Dec 27, 2017
The reservation is set for the Embassy Suites for my wife to enjoy a fuck-a-thon this whole weekend. This is the first time she's been able to meet with her ex-boyfriend as she's been sick for a few months. I will be taking all the kids out of town on a trip and she just let me know that when she goes home to let the dog out that she will bring her lover with her so that he can fuck her in our marital bed. The thought of this really turns me on as I feel very humiliated that a real man will be fucking my wife's unprotected pussy until he fills her full of his cum where I lay my head to rest at night.

My wife will be also wearing my chastity key around her neck while she is getting fucked and has made it clear to me that if he asks what it is for that she would be sharing with him that I have been locked up.

I have a list of chores to do to get the house ready for them tomorrow as well as some things to buy for their stay in the hotel. I will be gone all weekend in chastity and diapers of course and I'm really curious about the over / under of how many times they will fuck each other is. My guess is at least six times.20180118_055310.png