Returning to the lifestyle


Jul 6, 2022
In 2012 we explored the hotwife lifestyle and we both did enjoy it but things go complicated as we also did some swinging and me the cuck could was getting attached and we stopped. She did play with 25 guys that year.

About a week ago my wife told me while we where having sex that she was thinking of fucking other guys and wanted to start soon but this time it will be a hotwife only play and not swinging which I totally agree as my relationship with her is too important to me. She decided she would start with a bang by going to a swingers club on a night that single guys are allowed in to have plenty of choice and hoping to have multiple guys on her at the same time. I asked her how many guys she would be willing to do the weekend we go and she said there was no limit but aiming for 25 to double her count. Following that she will go online and do random hookups when she feels like it. As her Cuck husband I will be driving her to her date and pick her up when she call me.

Today she asked me to buy her a Hotwife Anklet which says hotwife on it and wants to wear it all of the time, she said that is who she is and wants to wear it proud.

Question for you all?

1 - Have any of you go into the lifestyle, stop it due to complication but then go back many years later?
2 - Have any of the cucks driven their hotwife to their date and pick them up after?
3 - Do you prefer random hookups and or regulars? (wife prefers complete random).
4 - Does your Hotwife wear a Hotwife anklet all of the time? any issues with family?

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Feb 7, 2019
1. Nope. Started over 20 years ago and still loving it. I added hotwifing a few years ago. Bob dates separate as well.
2. Bob isn't a cuck but he has driven me a few times.
3. Both. Have a lot of regulars but also love a random hookup.
4. I only wear it in the 'playing' mode.
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