run for the wall

Nov 18, 2016
Socorro NM USA
I made a run to the wall in DC one year and stayed for the opening of the WW2 memorial. While I was there I made contact with a young couple that wanted a bull. So we went to their apartment where I had him strip her. I sat in his chair and had him help her to get in my lap facing out. I started playing with her as he sat at our feet. I then had him lick her pussy to get it wet,he also had to lick my dick as he could not use his hands. Once I'm hard and she is wet he had to put my dick in her pussy then go back to licking her and suck her clit. I had her to just sit still on my dick,while I pulled on her nipples. This made her cum harder than she ever had,which in turn made her pussy suck the cum right out of me. He had to keep sucking till I was hard enough to realy fuck her. I spent the hole week with them fucking all the time.