Sea story;the conclusion


Dec 29, 2017
Mike and I made our way to another lounge. This time,in order not to meet Debbie and Ethyl, again we choose a Hilton or maybe it was a Hyatt. I guess that don't matter now anyway. We were on the way to getting very happy when a very proper and prim gentleman approached us." I'm sorry but you will have to leave," he said in a very condescending manner." This type of tone got Mike's natural temper riled up. " Hey! Who says that? Show me that lowdown SOB and I'll talk to 'im!" "Well you see it's our policy not to serve anyone,after 7:00pm,who is not 'properly dressed'." This last remark really rubbed Mike the wrong way If I hadn't stepped in I know we would have had some real trouble. " Mike,Mike,MIKE! This is a party remember? There's lot'sa bars on this beach. They'll take our money." While this was going on we didn't notice the guy in the white panama hat,who was watching with great interest.
On our way out of the hotels lobby we heard a voice behind us say " I know a place you can go.And it wont cost you anything."
This stopped us in our tracks. Like any good sailor the lure of free booze was too much to resist.
" Join me in the lobby,and I swear this will be a night to remember." We followed him to the lobby and as we sat down in the big soft chairs I couldn't help but notice that the guy was accompanied by two really outstanding women. This made me instantly suspicious. I've been in a lot of ports and I knew how devious a pimp could be. You want a shot of tequila or brandy while we talk? We both accepted the offer and choose tequila( we were in Mexico) " Will they let us drink in the lobby?" I asked
" You don't have to worry as long as you're with me,"I could tell that this guy thought highly of himself"
" This is Gracey "He indicated the rather buxom blonde on his right, "and this is Maria. Maria was only a little shorter than Gracey and just as well endowed,but a bit 'harder' looking. Maria had very light blonde hair while Gracey had a more golden color. "MY name is Ernesto.Girls why don't you entertain our new friends?" At his rather obvious command the girls seated themselves beside us.They were friendly,but not warm.And my guard went up and the fight or flight response kicked in. We had a couple more drinks and were felling a lot more relaxed in a very short time. Looking back it never even occurred to me to wonder why I felt so warm.
" I'm going to take them to the 'Club' and want you girls to join us. This will be a good party. I did promised them a night to remember and I like to keep my word."
I didn't speak a lot of Spanish but I could tell that Mary wasn't down with the idea. Finally Ernesto launched into a tirade and finished in English saying "i'm Ernesto and I do as I please!"
Mary was sullen all the way to the 'Club'. we road there in style as Ernesto had a chauffeured limo.waiting for him. Mike and I were pretty much out of it by the time we got to were ever we were going. I remember thinking that they made really good tequila in this part of the world. As we entered I felt out of place big time. It was obvious that this was a class of people that we would have never even have known about if not for this odd turn of events. A few more drinks and the girls seemed to get more, and more friendly. Mary was still a bit stand offish. Finally I had to Ask " you don't like me very much do you?" I was surprised when she answered, "I like you,not like plan." "Plan?What plan?" " Not say more.You like me?" Yes I do. Very much." " That good"
In about 30 minutes Ernesto announced that he had to leave but that he would meet up with us at his villa. We hung around for another 20 minutes then left. The limo was waiting for us and took us to Ernesto's villa on the beach.It was more of a castle or fortress.We waited for Ernesto for a while and then the servant told us that he had been delayed and that we should 'get the party started' without him.
Mary looked at me and asked, " You sayd you like me ,no? "You come.OK?"
She lead me to a large and ornately furnished bedroom.It looked like what I had imagined that a honeymoon suite in a fancy hotel would look like.
" I be back quick." she told me."you wait" When she did return she had left her sexy dress behind and was clad in a scandalous white lace undergarment. I could feel myself getting hard just looking at her.Mary came to were I was standing and threw her arms around my neck. " I very happy you like me" she said. She pressed her hand into my crotch and began to stroke my cock thru my pants. " See you do like me." I don't know if I could have moved even if I had wanted to,but I didn't want to.I felt her hands fumbling around with my belt buckle and the cool air on my legs as my pants came down,then she had my hard meat in her hand stroking me." You want me suck you?" Mary didn't need to wait for an answer to that. She got onto the bed and on her knees and elbows began to gobble my meat.I was in heaven,at any other time I would have cum all over her face but for some reason I was staying hard for her.Mary finally stopped her oral attentions and seeing that I was still hard smiled and said " You want fuck my pussy now?" How could I say no?
Mary got onto her back and spun around so that her hips were on the edge of the bed.Then she took a knee in both hands and pulled her legs back and apart giving me as clear a path for my throbbing cock as she could.
" This is just to good to be true" I thought to myself, " There is going to be a price." But even though my logic said one thing me dick said " Let's go" and in the end I wound up listening to the head of my dick. I couldn't resist the call of that sweet pussy. I sank into her hole and wasn't going to stop until I couldn't go on. I don't know how much time went by I just know that we had been fucking for a long time when Mary wrapped her legs around my back and let out a sound that was a combination of a satisfied yell and a surprised moan. " Por favor.No mas no mas! Please you stop now.You make me cum." I did stop but I was still as hard as rebar. I could see that Mary was really surprised at the orgasm that she had just
experienced. " You big surprise.I not cum for long time."then looking at my still hard weapon, " Not good so hard.You want fuck me my ass?"
This was just beyond my any of my wildest dreams. A good looking horny babe who actually wanted me to fuck her in the ass. Now that was an offer I couldn't refuse.Mary was face down at the foot of the bed with her butt in the air. She reached back with both hand and spread those sweet round cheeks so that her asshole almost winked at me. I couldn't hold back any longer I buried the entire length of my shaft in her darkest tunnel. I was hoping that I would last for a while because the passage I was in was so good that I wanted to stay in it for a good long while.After that good long while had elapsed I could feel the juices welling up in my balls at last."AAH!AAH!AAH! I'M CUMMING! and just for good measure I pulled my cock out of her anus and let my seed cover her back and buttocks. "OMG Ernesto was right,this will be a night I'll remember."
When we went back to join Mike and Gracey I saw the look of pure contentment on Mike's face and I knew that he had had a similar experience.By then it was getting really late and Ernesto was a no show. " I'll have the car take you fellas to the pier." the servant didn't seem to ever sleep. We thanked the girls many times for their 'hospitality' and begged them to relay our gratitude to Ernesto and tell him that he had more than kept his promise.
On the way back there were other adventures but stories about those are for another time.A few months later while exploring some of the sleazy porn shops state-side I came upon a DVD that I bought and took back to the ship to show Mike." Does this girl look at all familiar to you?" "Hey isn't that the girl we met in Acapulco?" "Yes,and check out the name of the producer" " Ernesto! NOW WAY! "
" You think?Can't be! But it would make a good story,wouldn't it?"
"NAW no one would ever believe it."
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