Sexy girlfriend


Aug 16, 2017
A few years ago, my gf and I chatted about her having fun with another guy. She give it some thought. A few weeks later, she told me should would like to try it. She is what I call very sexual and I can make her cum many many times. She is sexy as hell, 160, 5-6, with really pretty titties.

I can't remember all the details. I invited a friend of mine over one night. I think we went out to eat. We came back to the house and started shooting pool. Then we shot for her clothes. If I lost, she lost something. If he won, she lost something. God, that took forever. I didnt want to throw games and be obvious, and he was doing good also.

She finally ended up naked and we went inside. We fooled around with some cards and he won a round which meant she had to suck him. Finally, a fantasy of mine was happening. She was so sexy taking care of someone else.

That was the beginning of a time when she was seeing him often. I was not there every time. I think he came to see her around 2 to 3 times a month. Sometimes I was at work. When she is having fun without me, I end up with anxiety from hell. I really enjoy it when she is having fun with someone else. What I like, is for her to feel the excitement of being with someone else. I get excited also. I don't consider it a cuckold thing. I enjoy hearing her having sex and cumming for another guy. The only way for me to describe it, her showing off for someone else is a very sexy thing for me.

Quite a few times, we dp'ed her. She loves having her ass fucked. We always swapped who she would be on top off when the other one of us was in her ass. I get satisfied just hearing her cumming.

After that, we met some guys online, once a gangbang, a couple times, she had what I call a bf. A few times we went to an adult theater.

Since she is bi, she has brought home a woman.

The latest thing, I took her to a bar to give some guy a bj. She finally gave one in the parking lot in his car. It is hard for me to describe how sexy to me that was. When she was done, she called me to pick her up.

However, when I fantasize about sexual things, it is always about her.