So humiliated, so hard


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Dec 10, 2017
It happened about a month ago. My GF, G, and I were drinking at home and watching porn together, something we do a lot. She really likes watching porn with big cocks and I do too. I'm decently sized but nothing amazing. We're talking and I mention my black mate, I'll call him C, is hung like a horse. I mean he's at least 9/10 inches, I saw it once. She got very interesting very quickly. For the next few days, G's making a lot of passing comments and playful jokes about it, didn't think much about it.

That weekend we were going out into town with our friends, C included. G dressed up really nice, proper short skirt and low cut top. We had a really good night. G and C talked a bit but I could tell the atmosphere was a bit different; they've always got a long but this time it seemed a little charged. It's late now and us 3 are the last men standing. We're sat in a bar talking and as always, the conversation goes to sex. G talks about how we like watching porn and C asks what kind. She very happily tells him anything with a big dick in it. I saw the look she gave him. We talked a bit more, she went to the bathroom and when she came back she sat next to him instead. I stayed quiet mainly, I was drunk and felt awkward as hell. She was busy flirting, hard. Touching his leg and arm. C was shamelessly looking down her top (she's got big tits). She mentions I told her about his dick and the playful flirting turns more serious. His hand is on her thigh and she's telling me how she's always wanted to suck a big dick. I am honestly at a total loss at this point. They're both trying to convince me it's fine and I'm giving really weak resistance. I was so hard as well, and confused. I just gave up. Said ok fine and went for a ******** to clear my head.

When I came back I could see they were making out and C's hand was very nearly up her skirt. They noticed me and acted like it was nothing. They decided it was time to go and they got me in a taxi and they went back to his. She said she was only gonna be a few hours. I went home and jacked off so many times. I waited four hours for a reply. She said she was just gonna stay over.

She got back in the late afternoon stinking of sex. She went into all the fucking details. How big he was, how she sucked his dick for an hour. How she begged him to fuck and he did all night long. G said he was so huge she felt like a virgin again. I was wet with precum while she was telling me. She admitted in the morning they woke up and she begged for more of him this time with no condom. She showed me her ass (such a fat ass) and it was covered in hand prints. We had sex after she told me and I could feel she was looser. She told me how I was smaller and less of a man while we fucked and I came so quick. I ate my cum out of her used pussy while she told me he'd came inside her.

Now, whenever we go out, she ends up going home with him. He's always all over her in front of my friends and she's told a few of my mates about C's massive cock. It's humiliating but I've never been more turned on in my life. Recently I've been asking for videos and pictures but she said she was going to do one better and have C fuck her in front of me next weekend. I can't wait.