Started with Cream Pie


Oct 14, 2021
My wife started dating, but was telling me she was out with friends. One night she came home and wanted me to eat her out knowing I love to eat pussy, she spread opening her legs to let me clean her out. I was there she was cream pied and I was cleaning her out. The next morning she asked if I liked it, that's when she told me she has found a man, a real man that can satisfies her needs, looking at me she said there is not much I can do to make her more happy. All day I gave it deep thought what could I do to possibly save our marriage, when I was browsing the internet and then saw it, I was aroused, excited and couldn't stop thinking about it. That night she came home and I was sitting on the couch waiting for her. I turned on the tv and let her see what I had found, It was a video about cuckolding but she already told me she wasn't interested in that, so while she was watching I had slipped into the bed room and when I heard her say were did you go I walked out wearing white stockings a pink dress with white heels and a pink wig, Her month dropped open she walked around me looking at me up and down, then said what are you doing? I told her I wanted to be part of her life and was willing to do what ever it took, even dress as her sissy and sit and watch her have sex with the other guy as long as I was allowed to clean her up. She smiled and said interesting.

The following weekend she had another date this time they came to our house and I was already dressed in my pink outfit sitting on the couch waiting for them to arrive. she introduced me to her lover, calling me Jewel her sissy husband. Told him I was there to do what ever she wanted and what ever he wanted also, which I was surprised because we never talked about that. There was lots of kissing and then I watched as they had sex, that is when she had me clean her first then when I was done licking her she introduced me to my first cock and having me give him a blow job sucking him till he shot his load into my throat. My wife was very happy and now there is days she brings home strangers for me to just suck while she masturbates and watches.