Story about a cuck


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Dec 27, 2018
At the time I was a young dom beginning the ropes of being a bull. I met this couple let’s call her J and him C. Well J was sexy as ever. She was 5’4 110 and extremely fit with a six pack. She was a kick boxer. C was average guy 5’10 not bad looking but kind of timid. I started to hang out w them and little by little noticed J would sit next to me hang on to me and always be touchy feely. Well one night we put a few back and the three of us ended up in their living room talking about porn and C perked up saying he had a good video. He hooked his phone up to the Tv and started to play the video and it was of J and C. I must say unclothed she was insatiable. I wanted to rip her clothes off right there. Well this is where is got weird per-say. So C said we want to be a cuckold couple. Didn’t know what that was I mean heard of it but didn’t know for sure. He explained. They wanted me to be their bull. He knew I was the dominant type which is why he was asking bc he wanted to be dominated and humiliated. Well at the end of his big speech he said the only way I could be their bull and fuck his wife was if at sometime I let him suck me. Yes I know cucks do not get to make decisions but this was the beginning of the relationship and boundaries were being set. I wasn’t really into that. The night ended. We didn’t talk for a good month or two but then I came around. Told him I’d let him suck me if there are no other rules but the ones I apply. He agreed.
My rules:
  1. No sexual intercourse or oral from his wife unless I gave permission which was never.
  2. No kissing for a week if they knew we had plans.
  3. I could always be bareback.
  4. All of her holes were mine.
  5. He had to clean her cream pies whenever I asked.
  6. He had to be our servant when I was around. Make food. Get drinks. Go to the store. Hold my D&&& so his wife could suck it etc.
  7. He can suck my dick — however there were caveats to this.

So let’s get to the first time we met. All went well. I used all of her holes. I then allowed him to squat and suck but I was soft and he wasn’t any good. It was so uncomfortable.
The following night, same thing. Until I realized that complete dominance turned me on. As he and he was did whatever I said I was able to maintain an errection. So after I used his wife ass I made him clean my D. It was okay but seeing his pathetic look and how nervous he was was absolutely amazing. His humiliation was a turn on.

Fast forward to about 6 months later. He had become a real dick sucker. Well he tried to fondle my ass. I was not having it. So I ordered him in front of me to suck me. But I had a punishment in mind. As he began to suck I began to ********. I made him swallow what he could the rest went on his face and body. As he sat there in complete humiliation he apologized. He has since begged me to do it again. Haven’t decided if I should treat him or not. Haven’t seen them in a few months. Maybe we will see.