Stranger In The Night

Grizzly Guy

Jul 30, 2018
I am so glad I found this site. Reading the stories posted here brings back so many good memories of the days when I was younger, with both my wives.

This morning as I sat here reading reminded me of an incident that happened to me during the time I was single after my divorce from Tenn Bear and before my marriage to She Bear. It is a little off the subject normally seen here but I remember putting it down on paper later in the day after it happened and thought perhaps some of you might like reading about a fun incident of yesteryear. I call it, Stranger in The Night.

Something disturbed me. I didn’t know what, but I was awakened by something. It was still dark outside and also in the bedroom, save a little light spilling from the partially opened door leading into the bathroom. It is always like that, I leave that light on every night so as not to stump a toe should I have to go in the wee hours.
I tried to focus on the clock mounted on the far wall but it was fuzzy and I wasn’t sure if the little hand was pointed at the 4 or the 5.
Then I heard the toilet flush and this confused me to the point I reached for the 45 I kept close when I sleep. I was just getting a good grip on its stocks when a shadow moved there in the light spilling into the bedroom. It was then I saw the figure as it came from the water closet.
She was tall for a woman, tall and shapely. Her hips were round and her legs were long. But her face was in the dark and I had no idea who she might be. I did know she was naked.
Then as if somehow she knew what I needed, she turned and looked to her left and I saw a heavy, yet shapely breast shine golden in the spilled light. Her face could be seen but only a second and I recognized the lady who lived in the apartment below me before once more she was in the dark.
I had no idea why she was in my bedroom or why she had used my toilet; however, she seemed to know, for she walked straight to the opposite side of my bed and slipped in under the sheet.
I slowly released the grip on the Colt and let it gently lay back on top of the towel I used to hide it on the nightstand.
It was then I felt her hand moving over my body until it found what it was seeking and I felt an electrical shock as it began to caress my cock and fondle my balls. Within seconds my blood began to rush down to fill sleepy Homer and as soon as she realized she had accomplished her goal she moved her body so that within a couple of seconds her hand was replaced by her mouth and I gasped.
Half an hour later she said, as she lay on her back beside me. “I’m glad we tried it again. That first time you were so drunk you passed out as soon as we came. This time it was much better. Maybe after we get some sleep, we should try it again.”
‘Son-of-bitch,’ I thought. ‘I don’t even remember that first time, but I’ll not soon forget that second time. But where is Charles? Where is your husband?’ then it came to me, I really didn’t give a damn where he was, so I replied, “Why wait until we sleep some more?” I asked.
“I’m ready if you are,” she said.
“Work some more of that magic on my cock and I’ll be ready,” I said back, still wondering how she came to be in my bed in the first place.
Later, after she was gone, I wondered if Charles had sent her so he could have a creampie for breakfast.
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