Strip club and adult theater


Oct 23, 2017
I'll describe the first adventure my wife and I had. We are really laid back, low key, mid 40's couple that recently got married after a short courtship. Soon some random Wednesday night, we find ourselves at a local strip club. This doesn't bother my wife at all. She is bi, or used to be. That was a long time ago and a different story. I talk her into going to the local adult theater, after a few drinks. A few more drinks, just to check it out. We go into the theater. There are only two guys in there. We sit and watch the movie for a minute. My wife is like, "What am supposed to do?' I replied, "Shit honey I don't know. It's not like I hang out her." After a few more minutes she worked up the nerve, or just got something in her mind, and unzipped my pants and started sucking my dick. I notice the other to guys in the theater watching us more than the movie. At that point I looked over at them. I said, "Does anybody want in on this?" One guys just shook his head. I guess something I will never understand. Neither were very attractive. The other stepped up and pulled is dick out. I nudged my wife's shoulder. She turned around and started sucking his dick. She unbuttoned her pants next. The nest thing I know, she is just amazing sucking my cock while this random stranger is fucking her pussy. The stranger nuts in her pussy about the same time I in her mouth. Actually we left shortly after that . It was like the word was out that there was a woman in the theater.
Sep 7, 2018
The wife and i visited a adult theatre first time hoping to meet another couple inside like your encounter we had five other men sitting not far away it happened to be a gang bang movie playing after about fifteen minutes she leaned over and whispered to me the movie is getting her excited placing my hand between her legs me forgetting she wasn't wearing underwear under her little mini skirt finding her pussie very wet she now had my hard cock in her hands looking at each other then around at the others what should we do she said look at how many men are here just play it out see what happens with that i leaned over kissing her as i pushed two fingers deep in her pussie lifting one of her legs up and over the chair in front finger fucking her hard and fast she hoisted her other leg over the other chair and was now spreading her legs wide open i couldn't resist sliding down on my knees licking her pussie she undid her top freeing her firm tits pinching her nipples her moaning was getting louder as she was about to cum lifting her hips of the chair as i looked up at her there were two men standing one each side of her stroking their cocks one was very large at least nine or ten inches they said hope we don't mind watching no its fine i climb up to her kissing her swapping tongues as my cock rubbed up against her pussie she wriggled around under me pulling me down as i entered her letting out a squeal as im all the way in both men said she is so talented working your cock into her very lucky man now im starting to pick up pace as she lifts her hips high of the chair meeting me as im kissing her i whisper look at them do you want to play with there cocks the other three men were still up the back think they might be gay i said okay but i will only play with and suck okay they heard her and said only if you want to not asking or pushing the issue okay im now fucking her hard as she tells them to come closer stopping me and turning around kneeling on the chair i procedee to fuck her as one cock enters her mouth jerks the other swapping over she tells Rob she might not get to much in as your way to big managed about half way as it was real thick also swapped again Pete's cock was only six and a half inches and thin so she was deep throating him he couldnt take any more and started to cum suprising her making her swallow most of it he then said thanks thats the best i ever had and left us i was also about to cum Rob was getting his cock sucked whilst playing with her tits she stopped turned around kissed me and asked if she can have Rob in her pussie yes im sure you will enjoy his big cock in you now mines is eight inches hard not as thick as his you want this pussie come get it im going to ride you good he sat on the chair as she got over him rubbing him against her pussie then in one move sliding down till he was balls deep in her letting out a loud scream i think she might have cum looking at her sitting down taking the feel of his cock slowly working up and down taking only half of it he started to push up in to her bringing on another Orgasm they were fucking hard meeting each others thrust taking my entire cock in her throat a first for her you could hear how wet she was then asked me to get behind her and fuck her arse she's wanting a DP yes finaly it will happen only ever taking cock in there a few times before as i slowly push into her little at a time she wanted it all and pushed back till i was also balls deep in her another very loud Orgasm hit her what you boy's doing now fuck me hard we sure did pounding her for over twenty minutes amazing as we all cum together staying locked together another ten minutes before we seperated thanks you boy's were great making us smile we exchanged phone numbers and left happy we see Rob on occasions and have mind blowing sex


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Nov 1, 2018
Hot stories, I love to play with couples in adult theaters. In past years I've had two different girl friends that I took to adult theaters, one of them would not let anyone touch her but me which was not much fun. The other one however was the total opposite, she loved all the attention and very seldom left any guy in the theater wanting for anything.