The Goddess Who Owns Me!

Would you let this Goddes run your life?

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May 3, 2016
This Goddess is currently engaged to be married to another man, yet, she still has some sort of stranglehold on me and my dick. It has gotten tot he point now where even her fiance is in on the fun, as they both send me random photos and humiliate me in all types of different ways.

I will start you off slowly with these few pictures, please leave feedback for more!

PS: The candid shots of her big fat ass in the grey sweat pants were taken by her fiance and sent to me as a gift!

blue.jpg blue2.jpg

butt.jpg butt2.jpg

butt3.jpg butt5.jpg

cheeks.jpg face.jpg

image.jpg grey.jpg

grey2.jpg mad.jpg

sexy.jpg slit.jpg