The neighborhood guy.


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Sep 6, 2018
My wife had a lover who lived in our neighborhood. She had picked him up at the store where we shopped for groceries. I had written a story about this before. But I remember another aspect to it. When we would drive out of the neighborhood we had to drive past his house. Because of the way housing tracts are built now to prevent people driving through. Well anyway. I would laugh because sometimes when we drove by his house he would be outside with some of his family. He was 20 and going to college . But I remember hearing in a conversation how old his mom was. She was 9 years younger than my wife. My wife saw his mom and she felt bad. She said Oh my. She is so much younger than I thought. I turned and said. Yeah. If she only knew what you were dong with her son in our home. She would come over here and the two of you would be rolling around on the floor in a cat fight. We both got quiet for a couple of seconds and then we both laughed. My wife said. He's 20. He can fuck whoever he wants.

Yup. He's legal. Picture 031.jpg
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