The new friend

Dec 29, 2017
" Dennis,this is my good friend Becky," she was talking unusually fast,even for her, " Becky,this is the guy I was telling you about. You guys get acquainted now.I need to run, see ya'. " And with that she was gone down the stairs and away. My bewilderment must have been kind of obvious.Becky took up the slack and spoke first.
" That's just like D** , always in a hurry to get somewhere,I bet she didn't even tell you I'd be here." she sat down at the table in the room and motioned for me to do the same. "I'll let you in on what's going on. D** and I have known each other since high school that's true,but it was only a few months ago that we found out that we shared 'certain' interests. So we were sharing 'war stories' when she told me about you.She said that one of the big reasons that she liked you so much was that you were always ready to make her'happy'. That was a big plus for her 'cause she was always running on a tight schedule.So, today when she just 'had' to be somewhere else she asked me if I'd take over for her this once.'
I knew that D***** had acted out of consideration,but still,I was a bit upset. I really didn't know how to react. On one hand I had been given access to a very impressive lady,but on the other hand I felt like I had been 'handed off' like an unwanted item of clothing. While I was digesting this new information Becky had gotten up and was standing behind me. She put her hand on my sholders and breathed into my ear.
" Know this is sudden,and you and D** have some 'history' together But by now you know how abrupt she can be sometimes. I'm a lot more laid back than her with plenty of time to go slow." While she was saying this she was running her strong hands down the front of my shirt,she had good,strong hands. " Just because a guy doesn't need foreplay it doesn't mean that he wont enjoy foreplay.And like I said I've got LOTS of time."
I began to think that,maybe, this wasn't so bad after all. Becky was so different from D***** I wondered how they could share anything at all. The physical difference was obvious. While top of D*****'s head just came up to my chin Becky could look me in the eyes with ease. And while D***** was very buxom Becky was slender and athletic. Lastly D***** had very dark black hair and pale skin,while Becky had the bleached blond hair and tanned skin like a surfer.But the contrast didn't end there.
D***** was always in motion,even while she made love,it seemed like she was planning her next move. Becky moved and acted like a person who would keep their own schedule and the rest of the world 'be damned'.
I was really starting to warm up to her and by now Becky had reached my crotch with her exploring fingers.

" Oh,here's another reason for D***** to like you so much." she had encountered the hardness of my rod as she ran her strong fingers over the fabric of my pants." Don't you want to let that out?" she asked " Wouldn't you be more comfortable if you did?"
" You don't have to suggest that twice!" I know I must have sounded eager but it was the truth.Whatever Becky wanted to do next was OK with me.I stood up and began to undo my trousers when i heard Becky exclaim.

" Let me help with that "she was on her knees in front of me and I couldn't help but wonder if she could do the things D***** could do in that position. My member was pretty obvious, since it stood out in all it's glory Without completely removing my shorts she accepted the head of my shaft in her lovely mouth.She pushed me back into the chair and completed the removal of anything that would get in her way. I felt the tip of her tongue tickling my jewels, Moving my raging shaft out of her way she began to eagerly tease my eggs with her hot lips and mouth until I was almost at my limit. " Don't cum yet.WE have a long way to go." She took off the flower print top she was wearing and exposed the fact that she was bra-less. Then she returned to the job she had so suddenly started.
"I'm gonna cum" I warned She made no answer but sped up her actions,"OH!,OH! AAAH!"
Quick as thought she put her face next to my spurting organ and received my man chowder all over her face. That seemed to turn her on,so I didn't pull away or try to stop her. " You must have really enjoyed that" I commented
" Do you think D** could do that?"she asked as she wiped the last drops of my fluid from her face with a towel.
" Don't think she have the time. I really hope I'll get to see you some more. Here's my number call me when you have the time"
" That won't be a problem. I'll always have time for you"
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