The Psychology of Cuckoldry


Jan 5, 2017
It has some good points in relation to what I know and feel. I just question the point that most will trend toward the masochistic. We are not seeing that at least at this point.

Mr. K

Sep 15, 2016
I see myself in many of his illustrations. My relationship moved rather quickly from the two of us picking her partners to her freedom to choose them herself . I loved hearing the details. Being competitive though, I tried to outperform her conquest.
I agree with the point regarding the wife taking advantage of the husband. I believe it is about power in the relationship. Using his "fetish" against him gives her control and power.
A point not made in the article is insecurity. I feel that at the start of our adventure I was insecure about my ability to satisfy her and even keep her as my wife. My convoluted thinking was that if I allowed her sexual freedom, she would have no reason to leave me. This lifestyle is complicated on many levels. Rewarding in many ways, very dangerous in others.


Mar 1, 2016
The author put some thought into this and seems to be pretty objective about himself, which many people are not. I do agree cuckold thoughts -- and acts, I'd imagine, as well-- are exhilarating and addictive, powerfully so. also that for many men the impulses that fuel them do come from a feeling of inadequacy.

Cuckolding could exploit and deepen that feeling. The relational dynamic could tilt dramatically if the woman has sex with other men and discovers it's not only different, but holds the opportunity for much better sex.....much more in every way than what she gets from her husband in bed. While she may well feel uncertainty at the discovery, it's also possible she'll feel empowered.

She may relish the freedom to explore in this way, and when she sees just how much her husband enjoys it too -- derives his own unique pleasure from it -- to come to a full recognition and appreciation of the power placed in her hands, the consequent control she has over his cycle of sexual responses/desires. I'm sure for some women that can be intoxicating too, right along with her own fulfillment with another man ( or indeed a component of it). That doesn't mean she has to abuse the power and control though. Why would she? I doubt many wives who consensually cuckold their husbands do. Many seem to express a sense of gratitude at their situation. A couple just has to find their balance, the right equilibrium for their relationship. I don't think most couples do this forever. They do it while it works for them.

I'm sure too, that there are plenty of couples -- with men who are plenty well-endowed and quite capable of pleasing their wives -- who do it only once in a while, simply for the excitement and variety.......the spice it brings them. While I'm lesser endowed, I'd envision us that way, but would also be prepared to be open-minded and flexible to more if my wife were so inclined.
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