The Rating Game


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Oct 7, 2019
Following a post I have just read few minutes ago, I get this idea to extend to the whole forum.
What I am trying to do, with this thread, is not just encouraging you to post your women here, but also creating a bit of interaction between members of the website while "playing" at the same time.
For this reason, if I see the thread gets some positive feebdack and start to become a thing, I will keep it updated otherwise I'll just close it.

WIth this premise, I am asking you is to post here pics/vids of your woman for me/us to rate.
There will be 4 categories: boobs, ass, pussy and whole figure.
The rules are as follows:
- For all the categories excluding "whole figure" the pics might not include the face (up to you). Pics in bra, thongs and so on are allowed, but those might get a lower results compared to naked ones.
- For the "whole figure" category it will be required a fully naked picture (face included).

Rate system goes from 0 to 10 and a comment on the pics must be provided when voting.
Everyone can vote each pic/vid but of course is not possible to rate a pic that you have posted yourself ;)

The rate scale is developed as follow:

0-2 Not appealing neither exciting at all
2,1- 4,9 Not really appealing but still fuckable/enjoyable in someway
5-6 I'd fuck/enjoy her even if she doesnt fit my personal taste in women
6,1 - 7,9 Very exciting and fuckable, definitely matcthing my taste
8-10 Bring me her right now. Hot, exciting, definitely want to fuck all day long.

Please note that the ranks will be given considering all the element of the pics (clothes, context, etc) and also that votes will reflect everyone's personal tastes, so be honest when voting.

You are allowed to post up to 5 pics for each category and all the rating system will be calculated considering the average.
You can post for just one or more (or all) category if you wish.
When posting your pic just add "my wife/girl - **** category"

If you dont want to post picture here you can send them in private to me - please keep in mind that in this case you will only receive my vote as the pic wont be posted here for everyone to see and rate.

Best rated pics will receive tributes at the end of the month - so I need cum tributers to get in contact with me to create a team of tributers. Contact me in private if you want to be part of the team.

Let the game begins.

Have fun everyone : )
I would be happy to share and get my wife rated but in personal so anyone interested just message me.


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Jan 12, 2020
3!! Your lingerie pics were amazing....but completely naked you’re even sexier! Rating??’re off the scale of any rating system I know!
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