The UPS man loved delivering to our house.

Sep 6, 2018
When I was on vacation , I always ordered stuff the Thursday or Friday before my week off so when my UPS man came over to deliver I could watch him fuck my wife. She would fuck him while I was at work and she would film it for me via flip cam. But seeing it in person was way hotter. All I can say is that it was hot as hell. He actually became a good friend besides being a fuck buddy for my wife. We did things together with his wife like go out to dinner. His wife was pretty hot and she liked flirting. but it ever progressed past that. She didn't know her husband was fucking my wife. He said he was trying to get her into it but she was way too chicken. Pity. I got a job transfer and left to another city a hundred miles away. But it was fun watching our friend when he came by to deliver and have a quick fuck.