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Jan 22, 2014
Her pussy was ready to be used by her Master. She walked with energy up the alley to her master’s massage parlor and he was standing at the door almost expecting her arrival. Come in my dear, sit down and relax. She sat down realizing she was hyped up somewhat. Her master put his hands on her shoulders and gently massaged her, making her feel more calm. She liked this, and appreciated his calm demeanor. She said master my real name is Shao Yiren. He said good, it is nice to know your real name. I will now call you Shao. She smiled. Now he said, I have a small surprise for you, I want to make sure I give you something healthy for you when you come here. Shao smiled again wondering what it could be. I have small delicate strawberries for you, which grow in the meadows of the woods by natural way. He said open your mouth, and Shao opened up and her Master took one of the small berries and put it on her lips of her mouth and she ate it slowly, tasting the sweet tartness of this natural berry. He then gave her a small bowl of the berries for her to eat, a glass of spring water, and then fresh mint grown in the wild. Shao enjoyed being treated so special. Her master took her hand and she got up from the chair, standing in front of him, he lifted her dress off, and could see she wore no panties. I can see you like being a naughty girl today. Shao giggled a little, and felt his fingers slid along her pussy slit, then inserted them inside her wanting cunt. I can see you are ready to be used today like a naughty slut whore. He lead shao to the massage bed, and had her get on it on her hands and knees. Her master put a cover over her eyes, and She heard him whisper to her, are you ready to submit to all my commands, shao whispered yes my master, I am here to obey you. Her master decided to use a special stick he had instead of his hands. He whispered again to her softly into her ears, you are a naughty married slut whore, you are my slave now. He took the stick and gave her ass a nice hard slap. Shao felt the brief pain with pleasure, and then her master slapped her ass harder making her cry a little, but her pussy felt so good. She felt her master’s fingers slide up & down her cunt, then his mouth & tongue started to lick up & down her slutty twat. Shao felt the stick switch slapping her ass even harder making her cry, her master whispering into her ear, “ you like being used like a married slut whore, your horny cunt is going to be fucked so hard and deep and filled with pleasure”. Shao felt the wooded stick slapping her ass again, feeling intense pain with such pleasure, and then her master grabbed her hair and pulled on it, making her feel like such a submissive slut whore. Her master whispered into her ear, I think you are ready to be used now, he had her turn over on her back on the table with the blindfold on, and preceded to tie her hands and arm over her body securing her to the table. “You fuck whore, you are getting just what you want today. You are a beautiful married Chinese wife, and now you are a naughty slut whore to be used for sexual pleasure”. Shao knew just what he meant, she wanted to be used and submit to whatever her master wanted. He started to lick her cunt slurping away loudly, like having a feast on her slutty smelly cunt. Shao felt so good being used like this, her pussy on fire and she began to orgasm loving her master tongue pleasuring her slut hole. He stopped for a moment and then she felt his cockhead on her lips sliding it back & forth and into her mouth to feel her tongue lick it. Her master then pushed his rod into her mouth to the back of her throat fucking her mouth with his hard white cock. Shao loved it, loved serving her master’s cock giving him pleasure. He withdrew his cock and Shao laid there wondering what was next, and heard her master say, now I will fuck you. She felt her master big white cock slide inside her cunt, sliding it all around touching her dark grey pussy lips up to her clit and pussy hood, Shao loving the feeling of having her master use her like a dirty whore. He pushed his cock all the way in as far as he could reach, pumping her hard, hearing him whisper to her, you dirty little submissive slut whore, you need cock so much. He slide his cock out wanting to preserve his cum for now. He started to spank her ass again calling her a married slut, Shao cried with such pleasure, she loved submitting to him. And loved the pain from his spanking. He then slide his index finger up her asshole, saying you like having your ass fingered don’t you, Shao laid there and then felt two fingers in her ass being pushed all the way in and out, her master whispered again to her, “such a nice sweet married wife, taking fingers up her asshole like the naughty slut whore you are”, shao was moaning with such pleasure again, loving having her master finger her ass, she then felt his tongue licking her wet asshole making her feel like such a slut whore. She then felt a circular shaft slid into her asshole, much bigger than her masters fingers, Shao ever had anal sex before, and she felt some pain as the shaft made its way inside her shithole. Her master removed it, and started licking her asshole again, inserting his tongue inside making it so wet. He put the dildo back in again, pushing it deeper inside her asshole as her ass opened up more to allow deeper penetration. Shao began to moan loudly as her master fucked her ass with the dildo shaft. Shao then felt a big cock dildo slid in her cunt. She was getting the large black 10 inch long & 4 inch thick cock pushed inside her wanting hairy Chinese pussy. She loved how it made her love hole feel so filled again. Her pussy walls wrapping the big cock as it pushed deeper and deeper into her slut hole taking all of it, as she cried with pleasure yelling for her master to fuck her harder with the huge cock. He kept pumping the huge cock into her watching it slide like an well oiled piston into her married cunt. Shao heard her master whisper to her, “ you love being a little submissive married slut whore for big cock don’t you” Shao meekly replied, “yes master, I am your married Chinese slut whore to be used any way you want” her master kept pounding her cunt as Shao had several orgasms feeling the huge cock fuck her and her ass being fucked with a smaller shaft, giving her sexual pleasure like she had never experienced before. Her master untied one of her hands, and put it on the end of the huge black cock dildo for her to fuck herself, Shao kept pushing the huge cock deep inside her cunt taking all of it, making her cunt feel so satisfied and full. Her master put his cock back in her mouth to suck and within a few minutes exploded a huge load in her mouth to swallow just like last Saturday. Shao loved feeling her master satisfy his cock in her mouth. While he was releasing his sperm into her mouth, Shao pushed the huge cock dildo in as far as she could and felt an incredible orgasm, releasing so much cunt juice flowing out of her twat onto the bed sheet. Her master took the dildo from her and began slurping up her gooey fluid, amazed at the taste. Her master loved her juices, and told her how good it tasted. Shao was pleased and felt so good pleasing her master. He untied her, and praise her for being such a good submissive slut whore for him. He hugged her, and got down below her cunt and started to lick her pussy again. Shao liked having her master enjoy her slut juices. Her master finished up and handed her her dress and looked at her spanked ass, which was still red. Shao liked having her master touch and feel her ass cheeks. She put her dress on and her master told her to go home with her freshly fucked cunt for her husband to smell. She walked back to the car and got in feeling her wetness again, not only in her pussy, but her asshole was very damp with wetness. She closed her eyes and remembered her master fingering her ass and fucking it with the cock dildo. Her ass felt good, she lifted her butt up in the car seat enough to insert her finger into her ass and then smelled it.17ec7d8f42c48d314c00c8d025975686.jpeg244b7f7fa773574ed1b42cc5ec0c1a06.jpege0b3b680301e1fef78bec3c2fddfe116.jpege5a1eafaa38d4cd57449122474fb9281.jpegf2cf6df35e3993e400e47114b5b84321.jpegf4e71398b5fc831d7cfa78f325e434a9.jpeg7f20206c8ab5974cc15832a4148a9235.jpegaffed64b4d49e6ec8afb9ef418cb5450.gif
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