Theater Visit


Jan 20, 2023
Missouri, USA
She set me up. Made me think I was supposed to meet another woman and a motel. Of course I went. She answered the door. Had a wig on and certainly made her look a lot different. I moved into the room and kissed her deeply. We had our first round right there without getting out at all. Damn I filled her with my cum before we left and made her keep it there.

We left to go eat. She wore jeans and a T shirt as it was summer. After we ate we explored what we should do next. Happy just to have time together. So we drove around. It was getting dark. We saw a porn theater that looked clean and laughed as we had never been in one together.

Inside was really clean, though we did not go to the booths. We paid and went in the small theater together. She chose where she wanted to sit. About half way down in the small seating area. She sat next to an older man. Remember she was about 23 or so at the time. I sat on the other side. She knew I loved to see her teasing and playing. The movie was interracial and kind of got her hot and bothered. I put my arm around her shoulders and started teasing one of her tits outside her t shirt. The older guy didn't miss what I was doing. I looked at him and smiled. She wore no bra for our date either. So sexy. I shook my head yes at him, but he didn't take the hint.

I leaned over and whispered in her ear. His hand and arm were on the arm rest. At my urging she moved her arm to touch his and then held his hand as if they were together. Then I licked her ear. Said for her to move their hands together to her knee. I had discovered her jeans crotch was split and was fingering her to get her hotter. When she moved their hands down I moved my hand away from her pussy. She had one hand on my cock rubbing me. She let go of his hand and left it on her leg where it started moving up toward her pussy. Her hand moved to his lap as I asked her. It was nice and dark in there.

I could tell when his hand found the split seam in her jeans. She gasped as his fingers slid in her hot hole. She was stroking him steadily until then. She slid her hand over it and unzipped him. He helped some and his cock was bared for her to play with. I played with her tits. He fingered her pussy which was still wet with my cum. She stroked him as her breathing deepened. She was close to cumming baby. As she arched in her seat, I looked down and his cum was shooting and dripping all over her hand!

The movie ended. We all got up and went outside. He followed and another guy did too. She looked at them both. Named our motel and the room number.

We went to our room. A few minutes later there was a knock. I told her to answer it. No T shirt or bra. She did. Both men were there. She let them in. She kissed them both deeply First the older guy she had stroked off in the theater. Then the second one who was black and in his 40s I think.

We all ended up on the bed Actually they did. I stayed back and looked on. She took both cocks in her hands to get them nice and hard. Then the white guy bent down and licked her pussy. The same one I came in earlier. She looked over at me with a big grin. Then she went to the bed and bent over doggie style. She invited the black guy first. He had a big dick and she wanted it. All of it while I watched. She took it all so deep as She leaned over and started sucking the white guys dick. Later she told me she sucked him to get him hard again so he could fuck her too.

She was hot. Spit roasted and loving it. The black guy stiffened up and so did she. She came and she felt him shooting deep in her pussy When he was done, he dressed and left saying thank you. The older white guy (about 60 with white hair) moved to her next. Her on her back and legs open. He looked at me and grinned. Said he loved used pussy. He dove in and she grabbed his head as he ate her. Cleaned her completely and made her cum a few times. Then he moved up and mounted her and fucked her until he shot his load in her. He dressed and left, thanking us for such a great time.

I moved to her and reclaimed her, fucking her until I added my cum to the mix. We fell asleep. Tired and loving one another.
Feb 1, 2023
This was in Columbus, Georgia
So now we'll have to research Columbus, Georgia. We always look for something touristy to do, some unique local attraction including restaurants and bars, and an adult theater. I like to describe our vacations as tourist during the day, hedonist in the evening, and slut at night. Thanks for your response.