These are pics of my wife and me. Please feel free to leave feedback

Capn steve

Aug 2, 2016
Northeast Pa, USA
Holy shit! This is the girl your mother warned you about! She's the one other women hate to see their men looking at. A true slut who actually loves cock, and maybe isn't too picky whose it is. Got to drive you absolutely crazy. She would me. A slut among cock whores.
I'm curious about your lifestyle. Does she like to dress up and date guys? The sexy pics are awesome, but to me there is a multiplier effect when you see your wife shave that little landing strip down before a date, and you realize that she's doing it totally for another guy's reaction. Or when she does her nails, and you realize that you are gong to see those jewel-like nails wrapped around another man's dick, holding it up to her lips. Have you ever seen her walking with another guys arm around her? Or kissing her lover in public? I love to see a pic or two of a woman dressed normally, or before a date, looking sexy. I bet you heart beats faster every time she walks out the door. Thanks for the posts!
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