This past weekend!

D and C

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May 13, 2015
My gorgeous sexy asian wife went our with friends this past Friday night. they went to some bar\club. My wife and I have been enjoying the Hotwife lifestyle for a good 3years now! She went out in a black crop top, short black tight skirt and thigh high boots. She normally call or text beofre she going to the bar and when she going to be leave... I got the text she was leaving her friends house now to go to the bar. but never got the On my way home text. Thats when i knew she had to have met someone but it was 4:30am i sent a text "where are you?" got nothing back. So i called (now im worried) 5:15am still nothing. Then i get a call at 5:30am . "im so sorry im almost home" I'm a bit mad because she knows the rules. she got home almost 6am. she strips naked and jumps in bed and starts to kiss me. i can still smell the alcohol on her. I ask why the fuck are you home at 6am? She said babe stop being mad she tells me. she said well she danced with 3 different guys 1 was lame the other guy they exchanged numbers when he left early i guess. I said ok why the fuck are you home at 6am? she said i met this guy at the end of the night we danced and he was really feeling me up i was drunk at this point and we start making out. Jasmine (her friend) was telling her that they had to go and i guess the guy told her where he lives which is pretty close to our home so he offered to take her home. She told me that he was with a couple and they dropped them off so it was around 3am that they got alone. She said that they got to his place and she did see the time but he started rubbing her and they were kissing next thing she knew he had his dick in her mouth. she telling me this i go and touch her pussy and she flinched she told me she so swollen that he fucked her and would not cum that he even had to use lube on her pussy after a while. i look at her pussy and u can see her lips real pink! her pussy smelled strong too i jacked off just smelling her pussy and my mouth sucked my cum out then we finaly went to sleep it was daylight outside.

So sunday came and she got a random text at about 2pm saying " Hi its the guy you met at the bar friday night?" i see it thinking its the guy she had sex with but it was the guy she exchanged numbers with only. they were texting for a good hour just talking and my wife was honest with him about our situation and he was a little shocking asking if she was for reals and stuff like that. he asked my wife when he gets to see her next. I told my wife to invite him over if she wants... she tells him would u like to meet my husband and come over and have a drink. He wasnt sure at 1st until my wife sent him a ass pic! he came over around 9pm. We are all just chillin making drinks put a movie on. Me and him were talking about work some sports then he asked about us. How long have we been together? how long have we been into stuff like this? my wife siiting next to me in leggings and a tshirt she stands up it was about 2hrs in and she stands and i pull her down to sit on me and i kiss her all tongue well he is watching then i stand up still kissing her and pull her leggings down exposing her ass. i droip down and remove her pants completly and drop down and starts licking my wife pussy thats when i motion the guy over and he drops down and starts licking her ass i look to see my wife pushing his hed down in her ass i stand up and pull my hard rock cock out she goes right for it sucking my dick all well this guy is licking her ass and pussy . i loved her sucking on my balls well moaning from his tongue lol... i then get her fully naked and tell her turn around now he was his dick out and ready i slide my cock in her soaked pussy and she deep throats his cock trying to get it hard. well she got his dick hard in less than a min. i tell him to sit on the couch and my wife goes and sits on his dick im just watching and i love her pussy aroma going through the air! i knew i was going to cum in second but i didnt want to... so i sat back and watching well they were making out my wife riding him . she got up sucked his dick some then laid down he got on top and pounded away seeing his balls slapping aginst her and his dick opening her pussy i strocked some and had to blow i walked over and my wife grabs my dick and she sucked it some and i cam so hard the other guy seeing this well fucking my wife made him cum as well he pulls out and cums all over my wife sexy pussy hairy soaking it! she had cum on her face and pussy . she was laying there out of breath. the guy gets up said he had to go he thanked me and my wife we shook hands and he left my wife still with his cum on her pussy and my cum on her face . i mounted my wife and didnt care about the cum i kissed her and fucked her until i cam deep inside her.