To the husband of Elizabeth!


May 18, 2017
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Thank you,
Thank you, Thanks. Gracias. Merci, Grazie, ありがとう, Danke sehr. tak skal du have!

She told me you might enjoy seeing this. Yes I fucked your wife while she was in Amsterdam, several times in fact and my friend Harold fucked her too and at least 3 other men I do not know

You are a fortunate man and I thank you for allowing your wife to treat me to some magnificent sex. I did this to her and she told me you'd have enjoyed getting her after me. I understands that completely, in fact the very first time I made love to my wife she had just fucked her boyfriend, he left and I found an excuse to knock on her door, she was wet and sloppy just like I left your wife

I fact I fucked your wife moments after she fucked one of the other men here in Amsterdam, she was amazing even more.

My compliments my friend, we will forever share the pleasure of your beautiful wife's pussy