True Interracial Story

Paul & Ben

Feb 1, 2017
Notoriousbbc and my Wife First Date!

Hot interracial fucking and lots of pics is what i wanted out of this but to my surprise i got a lot more than i bargin for!

When notoriousbbc arrived at the door the first thing he said as we greeted him was Big and black for your wife is what you wanted . Yes i said. my hot wife started to remove is trousers straight away dam she wanted it so much She is trying to take in as much as she can of notoriousbbc delicious piece of black man meat… as she firmly works on his hard dick I now start to wonder if this was a mistake has she seems to eager to please her deep black desires

Paula lowered herself onto notoriousbbc manhood is cock was thick long and taut and looked impressive, then she gave out a groan of pleasure as she felt the walls of her tight vaginal passage scraping against the head of my black cock. Paula went further and she cried with ecstasy as she felt notoriousbbc penetrating her womanhood, stretching her innermost depths, before feeling the soft pressure of this Black mans cock against the mouth of her cervix. Knowing he still wasn’t fully inside her notoriousbbc smiled up at her, grabbed her hips and held them tight as He pressed upwards until he could feel her soft wet pussy lips rubbing against is short pubic hair. That’s when Paula screamed out as she felt notoriousbbc prick force it’s way through into her womb, bringing her to a crashing climax before she knew what was happening to her.she started to squirting and cum at the same time you could physical see her squirting and the wet patch.

Fuck having problems holding the camera now wish i could join in ......No she shouted later I want to enjoy this !

To my surprise he pulled out and is cock was still standing to attention he then turned her over and pushed all is meat into her the noise was enough to turn me on as i found myself masturbating in the corner while this guy notoriousbbc was pumping my wife full of is seaman bareback

Thanks Notoriousbbc would love you to become her fuck buddy!