UK Black Bull Looking For Fun and Pleasure

Dec 21, 2016
What could be more delightful than white wives pressed up against hunky black bulls as their husbands watch? Not much, in my opinion.
Unless you add bareback sex and pregnancy risk into the mix.
Which is awesome if that’s what the woman is looking for
Sex is Sex and of course there are risks but you only get one chance at this life so enjoy it black breeding sex, fantasies of wife breeding and cuckold humiliation.
The suburban wives all alone at home or the office/ hotel on business can now experience the pleasures of the flesh, but few realize just how far it will take them.
Nor do their husbands. What starts out as delicious fun with a single bull or a small group of muscle bound Africans often ends with the ultimate unintended consequence: a bulging belly and an entrance into lifelong cuckoldry.
So what are you looking for?
I’m just here to please and tease and make your pussy wet until you let me inside


New Member
Sep 13, 2018
His you sound just what we are looking for. Its more my fantasy but would like to think with seduction and time you could be the first black man between her legs