Dec 29, 2017
"WHAT! I don't think i heard you." I'd be lying if I said that I hadn't looked ,with lust, on that nicely turned bottum and wanted to know how it would be to sink my full length into her. In the past I had experimented with anal and found that it offered a really great sensation that you just can't get any other way. But,willing partners were hard to find. I got a lot of refusals, ranging from a polite "No thank you." to a very emphatic " Hell NO". Sometimes I did get a YES from curious girls,who'd make it clear on later dates that they didn't enjoy it. However there was one girl who seemed to enjoy my attentions,Later it became obvious that she only 'endured me' to gain leverage in future disputes,so we just had to go our separate ways.Now here was a fine 'piece of tail' telling me that she wouldn't mind if I 'banged her butt' I found that really hard to believe.
"You want to don't you?" her voice told me that she already knew the answer to her question "You did say you'd do 'anything' to make me happy,didn't you?'
"Well,didn't you? Now just sit here on the edge of the bed,and let me get you ready"
I didn't have time to protest as her red,full lips seemed to swallow me up.With her soft,warm hands stroking and gently squeezing and her hot tongue teasing I thought I'd died and gone to Heaven. I was so desperate I wouldn't have said no to a knothole
She reached for something on the night table. It proved to be a squeeze bottle.
"I thought you might like some of this so I ordered it online. The ad said that it would help."
She applied it generously to my throbbing member. It was ice,cold but I didn't care, I knew that it would get warmed up so enough. " I've heard of,and read, of people who actually do enjoy anal sex and of course there's porn stars who do it for a paycheck,but I never really met anyone who enjoyed it for real."
"Now you have."she smiled,and continued her story " I've been at this longer than you have so I've had more luck.But that doesn't mean that they were all winners. I remember one guy who was into 'it' and I thought we were going to work out well,but like that person that you told me about ,we took different paths. He start to want to do 'stuff' that I didn't really think would be much fun. So we said bye-bye."
"Anyway, it looks like your'e all ready to 'stick it were the sun don't shine'." she took up a position on her knees at the side of the bed. Then she leaned forwords,resting her upper half on the bed.She wiggled her beautiful posterior and reached back with both hands and spread those generous cheeks exposing that tight tunnel." Go ahead I won't fuss. But don't push in all the way I have a 'trick'I want to show you."
I knew her 'tricks' were always enjoyable so, as difficult as it was,I did what she said. OMG! I never imagined that she'd be so tight,and hot. Half way in I stopped as she had said that I should.At this depth I could fell the muscles of her sphincter contracting around my rod. At this point D***** started to push her hips back towards me then slowly she moved forward. Jeez how could anything be better. As she continued her motion I became aware of what she was doing. When she pushed back she was loosening the muscles in her passage,and when she moved towards the bed she would clinch my shaft in a tight grip,in effect she was milking my manhood!

" Now that's a good trick." I told her. " But I think you'll have to practice a lot more. I hope you don'y mind 'extended ' training."
" No.As a matter of fact I'm looking forward to it. But next time we can try another position"
We had a lot of practice in the following weeks. I came to know D***** quite well.After her husband returned from vacation with Ricky,their son, I did see less of her,but there was still time for fun and adventure. There were dance classes,late night 'activities',meetings,clients to meet with,etc.. D*****'s time at those 'flings' was limited so we didn't need to make much small talk,we both knew what we were there for. But one night was very different. When I answered the door D***** was there,but so was some one else.
"Hi! this is my friend Becky! She wants to meet you,I think you'll want to hear what she has to say."

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