Unexpected connection


Aug 6, 2018
Moses Lake, Washington
About three years ago the wife and I had a crazy turn of events that led to a most unexpected encounter. We had placed an ad on a well known contact site for my wife to find playmates. She and I both would look through the ads and attempt to find relatively local men. My wife loves dominant men and we received a response from a woman who was looking for a woman for her husband. We didn't know what to make of it and she responded that she enjoyed finding women for her husband and watching him with others. 9. I decided to see where this went so I asked for more details of what they were after. She replied that she would find women on the site who would want to submit to her husband and she would take pictures and serve the husband as he saw fit. Now my wife has been strictly into men only and without her knowledge I sent a reply that my wife would be interested and if they had any pictures. I received back pictures of him without his face and of the wife. She had a really hot body and in one of the pictures, I could see her face and realized it was the wife of a friend of mine from work. I knew he had claimed that his wife and him were into threesomes with other women and that his wife set them up. He had shared pictures with me of some of the women they had been with and had bragged about the things he had done with them. I had thought he was just a bullshitter and had never mentioned my wife or our lifestyle to him. Knowing it was his wife we were writing to, I sent back pictures of my wife and told them How she enjoyed serving a dominant man but wasn't into women. Now at this point neither my friend or his wife knew my wife. I told them How my wife enjoyed a little s&m and being a good sub to another man. About a week later my friend starts showing me the pictures I had sent them and telling me how his wife and him were going to totally dominate this woman that they had met online. I know, pretty twisted at this point. My wife had an interest for him, very nice cock she thought, and so I told her I'd set something up. I wrote them and told them that not only was my wife interested in him, but that her favorite fantasy was to be a sex slave for a couple. My wife didn't know I added that last part to the discussion. I was on a business trip and had arranged for my wife to meet them at a nearby motel for a drink. My wife indicated that she had met them and had enjoyed herself and was looking forward to doing it again sometime. She told me the wife had stripped and masturbated watching them and had taken pictures of the two of them. I looked forward to going to work when I got back to town and sure enough, my friend started showing me pictures of his latest conquest. I didn't say a word as he showed me pictures of him doing my wife and he had no idea. I about came in my pants as he told me of how she was such a slut and had let him do anything he wanted to her. Just a really interesting experience. Hers a pic his wife took.NONAME_096 - Copy.JPG