Feb 11, 2017
Cape Cod Ma
What's on your valentines day menu? Mr HW is out of town, I'm going to a club to get fucked by some real BBC men tonight. Single males allowed on Friday night. So what do you boys want? I need one of you pathetic cucks to join me here and lick up the BBC cum that oozes out of my mouth. I'm a slut, and I swallow most of it, but sometimes there's too much even for me. Who wants to put their tongue in here and help me out? I will give you a special prize if you do a great job.

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Oh yes, Happy Valentines Day Cucks and Hotwives!

Mrs HW
WOW !!!!


Jul 24, 2018
Las Vegas
I was considering heading out to a club tonight to give a sexy hotwife a good valentine's fuck with a nice, thick load! Maybe there will be a good cuck there to share it!