Oct 29, 2017
Got home about an 2 hours ago. 1am nornally I get home at 5am. Walked in and heard noises coming from up stairs. I wondered up to investigate. Now I can hear the shower going and grunting. I open the bathroom door. I see my wife being taken from behind hard. I watch for a minute. They didnt notice me. I go to our bedroom to change. But discover another guy laying on our bed fully naked fast asleep. Bit confused but oddly enough horny and getting hard. I hear the shower turn off. I hide and send my wife a text msg. Be home soon.. she sends me back a msg of a pic obviously taken earlier with both the guys over her. But forgetting to silence my phone she heard to beeping. Sprung.. now I have just finished watching my wife being fucked multiple times with plenty of cum. I have only just got the taste out of my mouth. Not that I mind it...
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