We met him in a restaurant bar to see if there was a mutual attraction. And there was.

Sep 6, 2018
He was the second guy my wife had gotten with when she became a shared hot wife. He was 24 and she was 40. As soon as we sat down they couldn't keep their eyes off each other. And after small talk I asked him if he was interested in spending some time with her. He said definitely. I asked the wife well? She smiled and said yes. When he showed up to the hotel room on Friday. No sooner than he was in the door they were making out. I was loading batteries into my camera and they were going at it like two high school teens. My wife was all over him. And then she yanked his pants off and started sucking his cock. I was so jealous and turned on. Her she was. Having sex with another man for the second time but in front of me. She was performing like I wasn't even there. A total nasty slut. She wanted it. He got between her legs and licked and sucked her pussy. She was soaking wet. He made her cum twice like that. She said to get up here and fuck me. And I watched as he climbed up and got between her legs and he put his cock in her and I watched and took pictures as this young man fucked my wife. She was squealing with pleasure with every thrust of his cock. I was rock hard watching all this. Time seemed to fly by but nearly 2 hours went by. He had cum in my wife twice and she had cum at least four times. He got dressed and left. And my wife was laying on the bed with her legs spread slightly. I could see his cum seeping out. She was tired and sweaty from all that fucking. I dropped my pants and knelt down by her head and I grabbed her by the hair and put my cock in her mouth and I had her suck me off till I was hard. While she sucked my cock I was watching her play with her sum soaked pussy. I pulled her hand away and said no. This is for me now. After I was ready I put a pillow under her ass and I got between her legs and I guided my cock in her pussy and it felt so slick. It was my first time fucking my wife with another mans cum in her. I fucked my wife while pulling her hair and biting her neck. She ended up cumming again. And a minute after she came I did. I filled her up with even more cum. We showered and slept for a while. And when we woke about 3 am. We fucked again before heading home. I was the proud owner of a brand new shared slut wife and I asked her right before gong to sleep. Did you like it? Yes. I loved it. And I want more. A lot more. You liked being fucked by other guys don't you.

I do. I think I love it. There would be 10 more years of sharing my wife on a regular basis from that point on. And it was the best time in our lives.


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