When did you first realize


Sep 19, 2022
When did you first realize that you like the lifestyle ? For me it when I met my first wife….had only been date a week when she came to m house crying. I asked her in…why are you crying…..she sobbed telling me she was knocked up. A one night stand knocked her up doesn’t even know his name now your goin to leave me. Took her hand and walked her to the bedroom. Told her the only thing I am leaving is my cum in you you nasty slut. While I fucked heri made her tell me about the night he fucked her……….. yep should have know then😂😂😂😂


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Sep 27, 2022
IbwS 16 and my mom and dad brought another man home . They thought I was sleeping but I snuckndown and listened to them both have sex with my mom. I could tell she was loving it.
Sep 18, 2021
I was 16 when I met a young woman my own age one cold, romantic night. When we kissed, it was electrifying! I never expected that a woman would so match my own passion — move for move! After an hour or so, I was wanting to catch up with a buddy on something. So when she asked if I was OK with her checking in with some friends, that was fine. She disappeared into a group of girls. About 25 minutes later, I was ready to get back with her. I found her talking to an acquaintance — I had met him only two or three times. We weren’t close, but I believed him to be a good guy.

When I found them, she was looking very directly into his eyes. Then they both closed their eyes and kissed. It wasn’t anywhere as passionate as when we were together. But she did respond to him. And I experienced angst for the first time. It was powerful and I was startled by the recognition that this was extremely arousing. I had never heard of such a thing and was somewhat taken back by the force of my response.

I realized instantly the power she would have if she understood this, and we were in a relationship. I also wondered if I was weird or a sick for having those feelings. I also understood that if we were in a relationship, and she was aware of my response, I wouldn’t stand a chance of directing its course. She play me like a cello and take it wherever she wanted.

I also realized that if she and the guy they she was with we’re both ‘in the know’ and agreed to do this, the strength of my response and therefore of her hand would increase exponentially. It would be impossible for me th mount any defense.

And that still isn’t considering the whole micropenis thing.
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