When did you realize you're dick wasn't enough for your wife?

When I was on my high school swimming team we wore tight nylon racing trunks. All the other guys had sizeable bulges and I had a tiny bump. The girls on the teem noticed this all the time and sometimes stared and giggled.
Jesus I’m five inches and always considered myself average
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Jesus I’m five inches and always considered myself average
I'm like 3" on a good day. I had to get an athletic supporter (jock strap) for college volleyball ball. I bought a men's medium thinking I was average even though there were signals from girls that I wasn't. That jock strap was huge on me and quite useless. I ended up getting a youth small. That gave me some perspective. P.S. Thanks for the follow.
From the time we were first dating, I knew my cock alone would never be enough for Lynn, she enjoyed playing the field way too much. No matter how well I fucked her, I knew she’d still want other men too and in fact she told me as much. It didn’t put me off wanting to marry her for a second. I’ve always been attracted to slutty women and Lynn’s promiscuity was like catnip to me.
That was 25 years ago (23 married) and I’m happy to say she hasn’t changed.
When I couldn’t keep up with her sexual needs once we opened things up for her (after 25 years of marriage). She became hyper-sexual, wanting sex every day. I wasn’t able to do that in my late 40s. For a time it took multiple men and experiences to satisfy her.
It wasn’t about dick size, which is the theme in many threads, it was about the hardness, recovery, newness, and sexual prowess of the men.
After spending many years with toys and interracial porn films, then when she actually gave in to an older black guy , watching as his much larger black cock penetrating her cunt listening and watching as he drove his huge cock into my wife’s cunt and the sexual enjoyment she was getting from his much larger cock . I realised how little satisfaction my small white cock had ever given her .
That was a unforgettable trip for you mind, im guessing both of you were instantly addicted to BBC bare naked up inside your sexy yearning wife, no guess work whether he deep seeded her , Black studs Never Ever pull out of a white wifes needy pussy, imho
My wife was a bit of a slut when we met, I caught her out a few times. But as I got excited by this it was only mentioned when we had sex and had some drink taken before hand. I asked her one night who was the biggest she had and mentioned one guy who filled her completely, she would start cumming as soon as he entered her. I later found out most where thicker than mine and she loved being stretched.
She lost her virginity to a thicker cock and she got hooked on that full feeling, at a neighbours house one night over drinks with a group of women and myself and neighbours husband they talked about dildos my wife said she had a few and women’s joking said why so many, she said different sizes and she had one she liked me to use beside my cock while we fucked. That brought some sniggers and they said I must be a skinny dick, she said nothing. Neighbours husband said a pussy like a bucket then and laughed, she then said no it’s not big and looked at me and asked is it. I had to say no she has a nice normal pussy. The women almost pissed themselves laughing.
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Buenas pues me dí cuenta de que no satisfacía sexualmente a mí esposa y de ahí fue que la empecé a compartir con los amigos y hombres y me gusta mucho ver cómo se la cogen y más cuando alcanzan su orgasmo
I have always felt she would enjoy a bigger cock. Today before work she asked me to use a new toy on her. I recently purchased a cock sleeve and a strap on, I went with the strap on. While only average size she came harder than she ever has before. She admitted that she suddenly couldn't get enough of "me".