Wife first time shared

Nov 21, 2016
So to make it short. Wife is really Hot 36ddd King of tall but she is really cute. So every time we fuck she likes to pretend she is a slut. Or that she is in an gangbang. She likes me to tell ger things like, i want to share her With all my friends and im ok With that because i like the way she comes really hard. Múltiple times. we also use two dildos, to DP her and watch gangbang movies. So, we Just got back from the beach in Cancun. i bought weed and took it to the room and we had some so later we went to the bar of the lobby and she was really horny. So we started to drink and i told her that i wanted to fuck her With some one else mfm. She said she Will like that and so since it was our first time we picked a Young boy not a stud like a really normal but Lucky boy probably Just 19yo so i went up to him and told him if he was staying at the hotel and he said yes, so he was With his family and i kept talking to him and told him to Have a look at my wife and told him that we wanted to try a mfm so my wife came to us With a big clevage so she was Just kissing my neck and looking at that guy. By then my wife was like Kind of drunk but really horny. So i told him we Just wanted to play around and gave him a cara key and told him that we Will wait for him at the room. He told me that he was going to take a littlee time because he had to fin a way to split from family so i said ok Will wait for you. So we went up stairs in our hotel room and we started to fuck. And we thought that the boy wouldnt show up so she told me eveeything she would Have done to him so we fuck really good. She took a shower and we smoked some more so every time she smokes she get Hot i dont know why but i like it. So we Heard a nock at the door and we both look at our self like could it be?? And yes the boy Raúl said that their parents went to xcaret it a place that you walk around and at least you take 4 hours because there is a show also. So Raúl told their parents that he wasnt feeling ok and wanted to stay since he al ready been to the show he wouldnt miss it. So we invite him in my wife had a shirt no bra but it was Black so you could not see much of nipples and a short like a pijama and also Just a regular underware since we did not spect Raúl to show up. Any ways, i ofer him a drink he started to drink beers so to break the ice i pulled another joint and we passed it around. So. My wife looked at me like are we going to do this. The guy was really not that atractive but he was fue and i felt like if anything goes wrong im bigger than him so i Will Just kick him out. He was so Lucky to even see my wife like that. So i pulled a empty beer and i told them we Will play spin the bottle we did not give our real name so my name was Juan and my wife Jenny so i spend the bottle, sorry for my english, and i get to comand him something so we started With quesitos like Have you ever been in a mfm and the he asked my wife her size of bra and againg his turn to my wife he told her to give me a 7 second french Kiss so weed did and that got my wife horny. So after another round we still smoking but not that much so we started drinking and i told them that it was going to get hotter since we have like 3 more hours . So bfore the spin my wife went to the bath room and call me up and told me that she didnt want kisses from him so i asked her if she wanted to do this and she said lets keep playing and well Will see how it goes if she doesnt like it she Will tell me our dog name so thats the Stop Word and i Will Have to ask Raúl to go. So i said ok no kissing in the mouth. So i went to Raúl and we talked and i asked him is he likes my wife and he was like she is a Dream she is really Hot so i told him that we Will play but he wouldnt Kiss her in the mouth or he Will Have to go. He said ok. So my wife came back and we started againg so i spent the bottle and my wife order Raúl to tell her what did he likes about her and he said her boobs right away. So Raúl turn my turn to order Raúl so i asked him to grab my wife boobs for 10 seconds since my wife was sitting he stood up and went to her back and from behind he started to grab her boobs. When i Saw that i couldnt belive it i got a boner right away and my wife was Just grabing her hair up and looking at me i knew she like it because her nipples got hard and she bit her lips. So we began to play more and more like touching and feeling and the my turn came and my wife order me to take of my underware but i told her that i had my pants on she laugh and said she didnt care i had to do it so i took my pants of and my underware and put my pants back on so next turn Raúl so he order her to remove her underware jhahahahaha were like Kind of drunk so we laugh at eveeything she stood up and went and gran a pillow cover her self did the same thing i did. So next turn Raúl againg to me he order me to suck one of her tits for 15 seconds so i lifted her shirt and started to suck the right boob i dont know where her eyes where but i knew she like it. So next turn my turn i ask Raúl to do the same take of the underware. So he did but he grab a towel and cover him self i couldnt see that he was big not really big but he was ok probably 6 inches. My wife tried to look too. So next turn i spent the bottle and i order Raúl. So i asked him to take the short of my wife With his mouth since since they dont Have buttom Just elastic he Just need it to bits and roll it down. So wife stood up Raúl in his knees bit the short and try to pulled it down but coulndt so he went back to her butt and bites the short and started to strech it and the it work he was feeling my wife butt and then he went to the frontal also it looked so Hot to see his face near her pussy by the way she always shaves down there. So as soon as he got it of my wife comeer her self With the pillow. So its my wife turn and Raúl got to order her since she was shy to get up Raúl order her to take my pants of With her mouth also so i un buttom my self and left the rest to her so she started to pulled down and my boner came up her face she started to suck for a few times and then i cover my self and kept playing so next turn i order Raúl and told him to suck my wife tits for 20 seconds he was like With a New toy my wife layed down and Raúl lifted the shirt he was like ready to fuck her i could belive them noises coming from my wife she must be really wet. So after 30 seconds i stoped them and told my wife to spin and againg my turn to my wife i order her to take Raúl pants of an suck it foto 30 seconds she did for like 45 so i knew that she Will take him and that she feeling good playing like that so Raúl spent the bottle and it was him to me so he order to fuck her doggie stile for 30 seconds so i did as soon as my Dick enter she came the moans where so good that she didnt wanted me to Stop. So we did but now we where really Hot so next spin my wife order me to Fuck her doggie stile while she sucks Raúl so we did that for about a minute and we Stop playing Just started to fuck my wife. I pulled a condom and told Raúl to put ir on and fuck my wife so as soon as he got in another orgasm he was fucking her and sucking me and i started to tell her things like hore, whos my bitch. She came like 7 times so for about 15 minutes Raúl came and he took out his Dick and started to suck my wife tits and the i started to fuck her and i came inside and the after that ai asked Raúl to go in a good way he started to Dress and we laugh at the all thing while he was getting ready. My wife and i fuck againg later that night. She told me she likes it alot that we should ask Raúl next time next time to bring a friend or cousin the good thing is that she also want to try With another girl.
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